Daydreaming about names for your babe?

Whether you think you have the perfect name picked out for your

little bean or you don't want to commit until you see baby's precious face,

make sure that the name you choose will withstand the test of time throughout

your child's development from infancy to adulthood.

It may seem trivial in the long run, but research shows that

an individual's name can have a lasting impact on the quality of their life.

A child's self-esteem

may partially depend on how much they like their name.

Additionally, children's behavior and academic tendencies in

school appear to be related to their given names. (No pressure!)

Names can also play a role in our lives as adults. Research

shows that important

life decisions, such as what state to live in or what career path to

follow, may be implicitly impacted by an individual's name.

It's true. There

are more dentists named Dennis and lawyers named Lawrence than other

occupations…and guess what state you can find more Virginias living in…

Our names don't just impact our own behaviors. They can

impact the behaviors of others around us. Teachers and employers may treat individuals

differently based on their names, making assumptions based on nothing more than

the combination of a few letters.

Based on these findings, it's no wonder you want to choose

the perfect name for your perfect little sweet pea. Before you put pen to

paper, make sure it's the name by

taking it for a test drive first.

Make a monogram.


your babe's first backpack to their wedding invitations, monograms are a tried

and true way to beautify your child's initials.

At some point in your child's

future, you will almost certainly get a chance to see how lovely those intertwined

letters look. Get a sneak peek by testing possible initials with different

styles of classic monograms at Mark

and Graham.

Google it!


you inadvertently choose a name that belongs to someone famous (or infamous), try

searching for the first and middle name or full name online.

You may get an

idea of how “taken" the name is if your favorite search engine completes the

name before you even finish typing it.

Your child's name should

inspire a new identity. Whether you want your child's name to stand out or to

fit in with other peers' names, it may be easier for your child to feel secure

in their identity if they don't feel overshadowed by someone who shares the

same moniker.

The image of a timid teenage boy named George Michael comes to

mind. *wink*

One Frappuccino coming right up!

Head to your favorite coffee bar and order a

drink with baby's name.

Does the barista spell it right? How easy is it to pronounce?

Do you notice any strange looks from fellow latte-sippers?

Seeing baby's name

written and hearing it spoken out loud by someone who is unbiased may open your

eyes to possible pitfalls with the name.

For instance, research shows that

children who have names with unconventional spellings may have more

trouble learning to read and spell than children with conventionally

spelled names.

Check its historical significance.


Security keeps a registry

of the historical popularity of baby names since 1900.

The registry will show

you which years your chosen name has been the most popular and will let you

know how many years it didn't make the cut for the top 1000 names.

You can also

use the tool to compare how popular gender neutral names are for boys and girls


This tool is more than handy. It's downright addictive. Try not to

lose a whole Sunday testing out names!

Visualize it.


you can write it, say it, or read it, but to visualize a name means to close your eyes and see what comes to

mind when you think about it.

Do you see what your future child might look

like? Do you envision happiness? Can you see yourself calling your child by

that name or by an accompanying nickname?

If you are having trouble picturing

what life might be like with that name, check out this site for

testing baby names with a list of everyday phrases incorporating the name. So. Much. Fun.

At the end of the day, choose a name that you believe will

inspire joy and wonder in your child.

If you know in your heart that you have

chosen the right name, we say go for it.

You and baby are already connected,

after all. If you feel butterflies at the sound of a name, that may just be

your little babe sharing their excitement!

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