There's a lot of new products out there offering you ways to connect with your baby before birth. But how far should you go to make sure you've established that connection?

Pregnant women are encouraged to do this and do that -- or buy this and buy that -- to increase prenatal fetal development. Talk about parenting pressure starting early! You're already worrying about plenty during pregnancy, and of course, encountering all kinds of changes for you and your body.

While we certainly want to connect with our future child as best as possible, this article points out that whether you're reading books, playing music to them, "experts say there’s no evidence that prenatal exposure to classical music or books will make your baby smarter."

In fact, it goes on, "all experts agree upon is the undeniable power of the mother/child connection. So regardless of popular wisdom, use this opportunity to tap into your own instincts about what’s right for your baby, before and after she’s born. And above all, enjoy the ride."

So what's the bottom line? Relax relax relax. Enjoy your pregnancy and talk to your child as much as you want! Create a connection and communicate with your baby because YOU want to not because you think by doing so, your baby's thinking skills will surpass what is traditionally expected upon birth and in the subsequent months of their life.

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