There are two kinds of girls in this world: those that are comfortable being photographed in lingerie, and those that aren't. But during pregnancy, all bets are off. Growing a tiny human can give you a whole new appreciation for the amazingness that is your body, and inspire you to want to show it off...or at the very least document it for someone you love. Or yourself.

If pregnancy isn't making you feel like a sexy beast, all the more reason to take some gorgeous boudoir photos. “When we look in the mirror our eyes often go directly to our perceived flaws," says boudoir photography specialist Lori Berkowitz. “The shoot experience is an opportunity to erase a lot of that data. You'll see yourself through my eyes, and how you feel about your body will be positively changed moving forward."

Still, not all pregnancy boudoir photos are created equal (pregnant belly painted as a basketball, anyone?). Below, Berkowitz shares 6 quick tips on how to do it right.

1. When to schedule your shoot: Every body is different. The ideal time to book is between 30 and 36 weeks, which will depend on how quickly your body is changing. The best time to find a photographer and plan for your shoot is 5 months, right around the time of your anatomy scan. Plan ahead to get the photographer you want.

2. What to bring: A simple wardrobe is best. Bring a pair of black panties, a black bra, a white button down shirt, and a pair of panties to match your skin tone. Other optional items are favorite lingerie, silky pajamas, flowing skirts, sheer blouses, black leggings with a black top, and a bandeau bra or bralette. I have a multitude of silky robes and fabrics that are always freshly washed and available for our session.

3. How to find a photographer: Comfort with your photographer and how much you like the work they're doing are two of the most important things to look for. You can get a sense of someone through their website, blog, etc. Look for a photographer you could see yourself being friends with, but you also admire as a professional and are wowed by their work!

4. How naked should you get? As naked as you're comfortable with. Some of my sexiest shots are of clients in their favorite t-shirts. Sensual imagery is often about what is implied but not shown.

5. What about props? Props are appropriate if they suit your personality and light you up. If it's just there as a prop it's going to look contrived.

6. But boudoir photos can be so cheesy! If you see a photographer's website and the poses/lighting is repetitive, know that you might be in those same poses/outfits/lighting. You get to decide if that feels cheesy or if you like them.

Recognize the belly in these gorgeous Lori Berkowitz photographs? That's our style contributor, Jenny Greenstein of Your Soul Style! Go behind the scenes at Jenny's shoot here!