Call me crazy or naïve, but I thought squeezing in a solid workout after having my first baby was going to be a breeze. Man, was I mistaken. Not only is it a major challenge to find 30 minutes in a row where you can get your burn on, but uncovering what feels good after the ultimate workout — giving birth — takes many trials and even more errors.

With NYC temperatures below freezing levels, walking outside with your little one for exercise may be put on hiatus. Here is roundup of workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home during the different phases of your postpartum recovery.

6 Weeks Out from Birth

A few workouts to try out once your doctor gives you the green light to workout.

Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout

What I love about this workout is it is divided up by body parts, and each section is approximately 10 minutes – which is perfect if that is all you have before your baby starts crying, or if you fall asleep on the mat after a sleepless night. No equipment is needed, and the soothing music relaxes you (and may even lull your baby to sleep) as you begin to rediscover your body (hello long-lost abs).

Tracy Anderson The Pregnancy Project

Tracy Anderson begins the video by talking about her own experience of getting back into shape after baby, which is inspiring and at times, a bit intimidating…how does she look like that?! She eases you into the workout and includes a great stretching sequence that feels amazing.

3 Months After Birth

Although probably still sleep-deprived, you are starting to feel like your old self and may be ready to take your workouts up a notch.

Physique 57 Cardio Sculpt

A high-energy workout that helps strengthen your entire body. The 30 minutes go by in a flash, and muscles you have not felt in a while burn a bit to remind you that they are still there. Plus, you can download this (along with a variety of other great workouts) to do anywhere – perfect for when you are on the go.

Mom and Baby Fitness

Working out with your baby is a sure way to get some adorable smiles in from your 3-month-old. The only challenge is he also has to be in the mood for working out…otherwise it may be cut short. This edition includes two DVDs: one for a young baby and another to use with a toddler. At times it may seem a bit slow paced, but I woke up sore the next morning and had a blast with my lil’ one.

6 Months

You may be ready to go full force with your workouts, so you can keep up with your baby as she starts to get ready to move on their own!

Focus T25

Although only 25 minutes, you will feel like you worked out for an hour. This high-intensity video series provides you with a 5-day program that challenges your entire body. You may find that you prefer certain videos over others, but whatever you choose, you will end the workout feeling accomplished and maybe even brave enough to try on your pre-pregnancy jeans. – HardCORE Yoga with Weights

You may not be able to do all of the poses and have to put down the weights during certain points, but this workout helps to open and tone your entire body. I had never done yoga with weights before and loved the challenge – perfect for strengthening your upper body as you baby gets heavier to pick up!

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