It’s natural to feel a little apprehensive about the massive changes that are about to happen, not only in your day-to-day routine but also to your body.
However, any negative thoughts or frustrations that you may have about your changing body shouldn’t be allowed to take away from your enjoyment during this incredible time in your life. So buckle up your maternity pants and get ready to enjoy the ride! ?

Here are 5 simple steps to make sure that you feel confident, sexy & feminine throughout your pregnancy.

1. Shift your mindset.

Recognize and appreciate the magnitude of this change. It’s not just your body that’s going through a major change during this time, but your entire life, too. Nobody would ever tell you to get your pre-baby life back, so I want you to also banish the concept of getting your “pre-baby body” back. Your body, like your life, may forever be different. But that doesn’t mean that your post-baby body and life can’t be way better than your pre-baby body and life.

2. Connect with your body.

There is no better way to feel good about and connect with your body than by moving it through exercise or dance. Take some time for yourself and try a prenatal yoga class or go out dancing with girlfriends. Rock that bump, mama! It’s also important to take time to pamper yourself. Is there any better way than wearing a face mask while soaking in the tub surrounded by candles? Well, other than a prenatal massage, of course. (#TreatYoSelf to both, perhaps?) In other words, in the midst of all these changes, it’s crucial not to forget about taking time to connect with you. Join Motherly

3. Ensure your small daily tasks evoke positive feelings.

Skip the scale and clean out your closet so that all you can see are clothes that fit you and that you feel incredible in. And then make time for tip #2 (connecting with your body) daily. Be kind to yourself and remind yourself you’re beautiful. Maybe that’s by way of daily affirmations, taking time to get yourself ready in the morning or wearing a new maternity nightgown so you wake up in something fabulous. No matter how you choose to do it, be intentional about treating yourself well—now and always. The little things we do every morning are what set our attitude for the day, so make sure you start on a high note.

4. Build a strong support foundation.

It really does take a village to raise a child, so make sure you’re getting and keeping the support that you need around you. Reach out to any friends who are pregnant or who have had babies recently and chat about what’s to come. Also, don’t forget to ask for help often—from your partner, your family, your doctor, a nutritionist or a therapist! Nobody expects you to do it all alone, so don’t make yourself feel like you have to. People are almost always happy to have a specific way to help you.

5. Tune in + listen.

Always listen to what your own body is telling you, not to what others are telling you. You are the only person who truly knows what is best for you. People will be giving you advice of all sorts throughout this time in your life, but the most important thing is to listen to your own intuition. Kimberly Hoye is a mama and health coach at Health and Happiness Connection. Join Motherly