There is a tug of war throughout pregnancy between what you want to wear and what you should wear. Shoes are one of the only items that fit throughout (most of) pregnancy, so shopping for them, even as your body is changing and your bump is growing, remains really exciting. But comfort is key, and while there are many swoon-worthy choices out there, some styles simply won't work for this time. Here are the styles to avoid during your 10-month journey, and alternatively some that will!

1. DON'T wear high-pitched stilettos. As your weight becomes unevenly distributed throughout your body, heels with a high pitch put too much pressure on the lower back, an area already compromised during pregnancy.

DO buy wedges and platforms instead. The base of the shoe keeps your foot grounded and thus your body too. We are loving this espadrille wedge from Soludos and these platforms from Splendid.

2. DON'T buy styles that are narrow. As you continue to move through pregnancy and retain water, feet typically swell. Shoes that fit in the beginning, will become snug over time.

DO choose shoes with a little extra room. Since your feet expand, you will need the space. Consider a cute sneaker like this one from Converse or a pair of rose gold Birkenstocks.

3. DON'T buy shoes that are too flat and without support. As you get bigger, your feet have to carry a lot more weight than usual, which puts a lot of pressure on them. And when shoes are flat and don't provide arch support, it can end up adding even more.

DO opt for a pair of shoes with cushioning on the footbed for arch support. We are loving this sandal from Corso Como and this gladiator style from Clarks.

4. DON'T buy shoes that are hard to put on. As your belly grows into the third trimester, bending over to fuss with ties and clasps becomes difficult.

DO favor slip-ons, flats, and styles that glide right on your foot with ease. We are loving this comfortable ballet flat from Sam Edelman and these white slip-ons from Vans.

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