Want a stroller that grows with your family? The Mountain Buggy +one is the all-terrain urban jungle stroller that you've been dreaming about -- and we're giving one away to one lucky parent!

Whether you have one newborn and a toddler or two toddlers, your adventures will be smooth from the city to the trail. How, you ask? Mountain Buggy's three wheels platform, that's how! That's right: the +one, like the brand's entire line of strollers, is engineered for the mountains and designed for the city. The three-wheeler not only makes it easy to get in and out of tiny shops, but also allows you to navigate cobblestones and off-the-beaten-path roads without missing a beat.

The +one stroller, which comes with a newborn mattress and second seat, also has an extra large canopy and a basket that can hold 22 pounds of stuff! What's more, you can fold it with one hand!

Ready to live life without limits? Head over to our private Well Rounded Babies Facebook group for a chance to win Mountain Buggy's +one stroller ($699.99). You have until this Friday, August 24th to enter this exclusive giveaway!