In a TikTok video that quickly went viral, Kinsey M. shared the simple yet effective hack she uses to manage her child's co-parenting schedule. Even the most amicable co-parenting situation can be tricky when it comes to scheduling, and as Kinsey explains, "My daughter was struggling with transitions so making her a visual to look at has given her a sense of control over the situation which in turn has given her comfort." By creating a simple color-coded formula on a dry erase board calendar, the mama to a 4-year-old daughter has eased her child's anxiety (and many questions) about when she will see her dad next and for how long. And with over 35,000 likes so far, it's safe to say this mama's organizational calendar hack has really resonated with parents who may be co-parenting themselves.

In the clip, Kinsey shows an example of how she created her daughter's co-parenting calendar schedule.

Beginning with a basic calendar with every day of the month already numbered, she shows that the days written in black are the ones spent with her father. The days written in blue are the ones spent with mama. And finally, the days with red dots next to them indicate when her daughter will be traveling from one parent to the other. By doing it this way, her daughter can go to the calendar and count how many days until there is a red dot, so she knows how many days it will be until she sees dad again. On red dot days, "She'll know sometime on this day, she's leaving to go see him," Kinsey explains in the video.



Co-parenting visual calendar for your kiddo if they live in two households. This has been a huge at our house! #coparenting #tipsandtricks #calendar

Here's to moms creating simple visuals for children, a long affirmed effective method in education, and sharing the positive results in an effort to help other parents. In the journey that is parenting, it truly does take a village.

A version of this story was originally published April 29, 2020. It has been updated.