Motherhood comes with tons (and tons) of accessories: diaper bags, nursing scarves, baby wraps, teething necklaces… The list goes on. But what if we told you that for your next outing, you could ditch the diaper bag for something much smaller: the fanny pack. Yes, you’ve heard us -- the fanny pack is the new diaper bag. It's mom’s ultimate utility belt that will not only give her all the tools to ace her parenting game, but also keep her cool!

In the past few years, the fashion industry has tried to make the fanny pack happen, in vain. But this year, with a craze for streetwear and retro-inspired trends, that tiny-but-fierce pouch is making a comeback. In September of 2017, Emily Ramshaw on The Coveteur, wrote that the “It Bag” of fall fashion week was Gucci’s Marmont Matelasse Belt bag. Like Emily said, “the humble fanny pack or that bag style you only wear to music festivals” is making its street-style appearance via the most fashion-forward women across the globe.

Sure it seems small, but it can actually accommodate all of mom’s essentials for a short stroll or a quick errand. Wallet, lipgloss, keys, phone, wipes, diapers, and even an extra onesie for the occasional blowout can all squeeze into the hip bag. Which takes us to our next point.

Fanny packs can be with you at all times, and it will keep your hands free all. day. long! No more bag weighing you down while wiping noses and changing diapers; no more worrying about your bag being hijacked from the stroller while supervising your kids playing in the sandbox. Wrangling tots while wearing a newborn? No problem. The fanny pack will keep your essentials close while gifting you with the oh so invaluable gift of hands-free parenting. So you can even potentially hold your coffee on top of doing everything else. Plus, it’s easy on the back! And if you get tired of wearing it around the belt, you can carry it crossbody or over one shoulder.

Sure, the fanny pack isn't for every mom. You may know that you'll be gone too long and will have way too much to pack. You may have a lot of shopping to do and need a place to carry your purchases around; or you simply may not be the minimalist kind and prefer a big bag where you can stuff a couple of extras.

But the fanny pack can also be the perfect sidekick to your diaper bag. Slide it in to hold diapers, wipes and more; and take it out when you know you don’t need your whole bag. You could even use it as a clutch for a night out, sans bébé. Need a little more convincing?

Here are 8 of our favorite fanny packs for the season ahead.

  1. Cos Belted Pocket Bag
  2. Free People Cecile Belt Bag
  3. State Crosby Bag
  4. Chloe Convertible Crossbody/Belt Bag
  5. INC Tassel Zip Fanny Pack
  6. Herschel Velvet Belt Bag
  7. Zara Belt Bag
  8. The Vida 3-in-1 bag, by Rais Case

Image, courtesy of Rais Case.