Move over floppy breastfeeding pillows, there's a new nursing pillow in town.

Motherly is excited to announce our new product collaboration with Ingenuity: the Elyse Breastfeeding Pillow.

Together with the product pros at Ingenuity, we built the best breastfeeding pillow yet, one that we're proud to say addresses some of the biggest challenges mamas had with previously-existing pillows in the market.

best breastfeeding pillow

The Elyse Breastfeeding Pillow features:

  • A more-firm product than your 'average' pillow, which helps baby stay in place and promotes effective positioning to minimize breastfeeding discomfort for mama
  • An "L shaped" design which lets baby nestle closely in multiple breastfeeding positions, particularly helpful when mama's body is changing shape in the postpartum months (especially useful for c-section mamas)
  • Two-sided fabric that helps keep baby cool during breastfeeding sessions
  • Breastside Reminder System Tabs which indicate which breast you fed from last (comes in handy after a sleepless newborn night!)
  • A supportive shape that can be used by friends and family while bottle or formula feeding
  • Multi-functionality: As baby grows, you can use Elyse as a tummy time prop pillow
  • A beautiful, gender-neutral design that complements your home decor

Breastfeeding can be challenging enough. We're excited to join forces with Ingenuity on a breastfeeding pillow that makes your motherhood journey a little bit easier.

best breastfeeding pillow

You've got this, mama. And we've got you.