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New mom’s Reddit post about resenting her pets is met with empathy from fellow moms

The lack of judgement from commenters is truly something special.

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I recovered from postpartum psychosis: Here are 5 things I learned

And now, I’m actually grateful for my experience.


Are doulas covered by insurance? It depends on where you live

This founder wants to help you find out if you’re eligible.

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This dad helping his wife postpartum is going viral—and for good reason

Partners of postpartum moms, take note.

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Postpartum night sweats: Also known as your own private summer

Although annoying, postpartum night sweats are common and usually not a cause for alarm.

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Your postpartum recovery kit: Feel your best after a C-section

Cesarean section mamas are absolute warriors.


Mom rage is real—and it’s a sign that mothers’ needs aren’t being met

The truth is, anger—real, fist-clenching, heart-racing, uncontrollable anger—is so much more common among mothers than many of us think.


Pregnancy apps can help in the maternal mortality crisis. But surveys show they’re failing women

Pregnancy apps should be a lifeline—but they lack much-needed postpartum support.

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These under-the-radar-issues are all too common during postpartum recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth can be an amazing experience for women, but it can also cause some intimate issues postpartum.

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10 unexpected reasons new moms feel so tired—and what to do about it

1. Recovery from birth takes a long time