The body in labor: What does 10cm dilated look like?

This fruit guide shows the stages of cervical dilation and helps us visualize just how amazing our bodies are 💪 🫐 —> 🍈 .

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Why 'mom brain' is actually a superpower

SCIENCE CONFIRMS: Motherhood changes your brain and makes it more powerful. 🧠 💪
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Pregnancy can be contagious among friends

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Here's why you want to 'eat' your baby

Ever wondered why you want to 'eat' your adorable baby? 😍

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Dancing during labor

Who knew dancing could be great for preparing to give birth?

Why dancing dads are killin' it

These dads aren't afraid to break it down with their kids. And what better way to bond than over some shared choreography?

Toddlers need 3 hours of physical activity per day

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