World Breastfeeding Week
takes place 8/1 through 8/7 this year, celebrating breastfeeding around the world and educating the public on its benefits. Held in more than 120 countries, this week seeks to inform and normalize breastfeeding’s benefits in every culture, while also working to make it more accessible for mamas everywhere.

While there’s no right way to feed your baby (fed is always best), breastfeeding prevents hunger and nutrition for mamas who don’t have other means of feeding baby. In celebration of this week, we asked our editors to share the products that helped them on their breastfeeding journey.

Here are some of our favorite breastfeeding products, from nursing-friendly clothing to pumping gear:

Haakaa Breast Pump



1. Haakaa Breast Pump

This set doesn’t require any assembly so it’s ideal for traveling, releasing extra milk, or quick pumping on the go. 🙌 We love that it’s cord-free and how it discreetly fits in a purse so you always have something on hand. The silicone flower sits in the neck, which stops milk from leaking out and it is safe for both boiling water and the dishwasher, making for easy cleaning.

Comotomo Bottles


$ 23.99

2. Comotomo Bottles

This wide-neck bottle from Comotomo is made from silicone and mimicks mama’s breast so going from breast to bottle isn’t confusing. It’s easy to clean and you can pop it in the microwave or dishwasher without hassle. Plus, it features two built-in anti-colic vents.

Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags



3. Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags

These are known as the strongest bags on the market, featuring a double seal, so you don’t have to worry about crying over spilled milk.

Medela Wipes.webp



4. Medela Wipes

Thoroughly cleaning your pumping products is essential, but unfortunately, there’s not always a sink around. These hygienic wipes easily clean breast pumps and accessories while you’re out and about—a must for any diaper bag.

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