At eight months old, your baby is growing, growing, growing—and not just physically! Your baby is probably quite skilled at getting where they want to go, whether that’s by scooting, crawling or rolling. While you can appreciate those gross motor skill milestones, they are also developing new problem solving skills, learning about cause and effect, and more.

Looking ahead, your baby is going to stay on the move. Help fuel their bodies and minds with developmentally appropriate activities. By keeping track of what milestones your baby is working on achieving, you can support their development and consult with your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns.

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Eight-month-old baby milestones

Here’s what The American Academy of Pediatrics says about eight-month-old baby milestones.


  • With a developing understanding of object permanence, your eight-month-old baby realizes that something (or someone!) still exists when they are out of sight.
  • Your baby is observing the functions of different items, such as how keys are used to start the car, you talk into a phone and so on.
  • Your little scientist may be eager to study cause and effect by throwing, dropping and waving objects to see what happens.

Motor Skills:

  • At eight months, your baby should be able to get themselves into a sitting position from their back and can sit without support.
  • If you’re asking yourself, should my 8-month-old be crawling? Most babies begin to crawl between seven and 10 months. If your baby isn’t there yet, they likely still can move across the room.
  • Your baby may be working on pre-walking skills, such as pulling up to stand and “cruising” by walking while holding onto the side of furniture. Note that the AAP discourages the use of baby walkers due to safety concerns.

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Social and Emotional:

  • Your baby’s communication skills are rapidly improving! They may begin pointing out things they want you to see, clapping when they are happy or using some basic words. Regularly using “baby signs” when talking with your baby can give them another way to communicate their specific needs.
  • Your eight month old’s attention span is probably only two to three minutes. That should improve over the coming months!
8 month baby milestones

How to support your eight-month-old baby’s development this month

Up for a little homework assignment, mama? Here are some eight months old baby activities to support your cutie’s development.

  • Help your eight-month-old baby learn about cause and effect by playing “if this, then that” games. For example, if you push a button, then a song plays.
  • Play with your eight-month-old baby by rolling a ball back and forth to help with their coordination skills. The Roller-pillar Activity Balls are perfectly sized for little hands so they can experiment with all the ways to play while sitting independently.
  • Encourage your eight-month-old baby’s communication skills by introducing some baby signs, such as for milk, more and all done.

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Fewer toys can improve the quality of play

By eight months old, it may seem like your baby’s toys are already taking over the house—but there are proven benefits to limiting the number of toys for your little one. Studies show that young children play longer and with more focus when they have fewer toys, but this can also help boost their creativity, gratitude and responsibility skills.

As you enter into a new phase of parenting with a baby on the move, it can feel like you’re always on the move, too. But slowing down is a skill that your baby can learn. Help your little one establish some healthy “downtime” practices by reading, letting them play independently, going on afternoon walks and more.

Eight-month-old baby 101: