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We love a good family adventure. But traveling with kids? It’s no easy feat, mamas. Gone are the days of throwing a few things in a bag and catching the next flight to the beach; now it’s all about packing lists and pacifiers, diapers and dream feeds, and doing your best not to forget all the things you need to make it through the day with your little ones. And number one on our must-have travel list? A compact lightweight stroller.

A lightweight, compact travel stroller is an absolute must for a family on the move. When you’re juggling kids on the go, the last thing you need to worry about is a big, bulky stroller that’s going to take up your entire trunk or slow you down in the airport.

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And if you Google “lightweight strollers” you’re going to discover there are more than just a few of them… there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. Which we’re guessing is just a wee bit overwhelming for you! Fear not, we’ve done our research to help narrow down your choices. Things we considered when picking our faves: Stroller weight, maneuverability, durability, open/fold functionality, storage and, last but not least, appearance. We’ve also noted which styles can fit in the overhead bin as well as which model strollers can be used at Disney.

So, if you’re planning your next trip—or just looking to lighten your load—check out our favorite travel strollers that are perfect at home and away!

Best Lightweight Strollers for Travel

gb Pockit Air lightweight travel stroller

gb Pockit Air All Terrain

Air All Terrain


Curious as to which stroller holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s most compact stroller? Look no further, mamas—it’s the Pockit! (Really, it is!) Folding into the size of a purse in a matter of seconds, this 10.6-pound baby-transporting marvel is seriously amazing. We’re pretty sure our diaper bag weighs more.

Even though the Pockit is small, it’s mighty—it can hold a child up to 55 pounds, and is sturdy enough for whatever your travel day may have in store for you. Of course, you’ve got to sacrifice a few things when the stroller is small enough to fit in a backpack. It doesn’t recline and the canopy is smaller than competitors. There’s also not a ton of space for storage, but if size is the most important factor, this is a solid choice!

More to know: Double wheels can handle everything from cobblestones to gravel with ease, and the seat back is comprised of breathable mesh, keeping baby cool on even the hottest days.

Fits in overhead bin: Yes

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 55 pounds

Weight: 10.4 pounds

summer infant 3d mini stroller Motherly

Summer Infant

3D Mini Convenience Stroller


If you don’t want to spend a ton of money but also don’t want something as flimsy as an umbrella stroller, the Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller is hard to beat. At less than 60 bucks it offers all the features of a regular stroller (compact fold, storage basket, dual cup holders, reclining seat and five-point harness) in a design that weighs just 11 pounds. It’s also a resounding favorite among Motherly readers who recommended it as their favorite lightweight travel stroller in a recent Instagram poll!–Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

More to know: It definitely doesn’t provide the smooth ride of  the other options on the list but that’s to be expected for the cost.

Fits in overhead bin: No

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 45 pounds

Weight: 11 pounds

Colugo Compact Stroller


The Compact Stroller


While there are many reasons Colugo made our list—the easy one-handed fold is chief among them. As many parents probably know, being able to fold a stroller with a baby on your hip is KEY when you’re in a stressful situation (think: riding on public transportation or going through the metal detectors at the airport). With Colugo, you can multitask like a champion, thanks to its one-handed, two-second fold, and the best part is that yes, it can fit in most airplane overhead bins.

At 16 pounds, the Colugo is a bit heavier than the others on the list, but the fact that it comes with an attached carrying strap and a separate carrying backpack makes the extra heft a non-issue for short and long jaunts alike.

Appropriate from 6 months old to a max weight of 55 pounds, the Colugo also has an infant kit ($95.00) available here. All in all, this stroller has great maneuverability and can be pushed with one hand in almost all scenarios. It’s the perfect grab-n-go strollers for parents, whether they’re dropping baby en route to work or traveling overseas.

More to know: The sunshade canopy has UPF 50, the storage basket’s got ample depth and the stroller comes with cupholder, rain cover and carry backpack.

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Fits in overhead bin: Yes

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 55 pounds

Weight: 16 pounds


UppaBaby Minu V2


Minu V2


The UppaBaby travel stroller has solved pretty much all my stroller problems since my baby graduated from the car seat/stroller base combo that’s easier to use when they’re very little. Listen, I wanted an UppaBaby stroller but the price tag on most of the models made my arm hairs stand on end. So when they debuted their travel stroller, the Minu, I was able to justify it.  Yes, it’s on the high end if you’re buying an additional travel stroller, if you use this baby as your only stroller, it’s a great deal. You get all the things you need and want from a luxury stroller (super comfy seat, smooth ride, leather grips for you, and this thing can be used from 3 mos to 50 lbs, which represents literal years, my friend) and more, in a travel sense.

The Minu folds up super easily and fits into an overhead compartment, and I’m not lying when I say super easily—at TSA, I can pull my daughter out, fold this thing with one hand and have it on the belt in 30 seconds.–Shannon Vestal Robson, Motherly Collective Director

More to know: The Minu isn’t only for big babies, it can also accommodate a newborn with the use of the car seat and/or bassinet adapters, making it not only a great compact travel stroller, but also an all-around stroller for urban parents who may be tight on space or who need to climb stairs on a daily basis.

Fits in overhead bin: No

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 50 pounds

Weight: 16.9 pounds

Babyzen Yoyo2 6 Motherly


Yoyo2 6+


If you’re looking for the ultimate in compact strollers, the upgraded Yoyo2 checks all the boxes as the luxury splurge pick. It boasts the most amenities of all of our choices: a “soft drive” system (enabling you to navigate rough terrain without having to lock the wheels in place), ample under-carriage storage, a reclining seat, an extendable leg rest, four-wheel suspension, beautiful fabrics (that peppermint green!) and extra seat padding, custom color packs, and a carry strap, just to name a few.

Like our other compact picks, it also folds up teeny-tiny via an easy one-handed fold and is a cinch to tote with its padded shoulder strap. It’s also compatible with many infant car seats, making newborn travel a breeze. It’s even certified for airline carry-on luggage, meaning you’ve got one less thing to worry about when you’re taking your little one on the plane.

More to know:  The extendable sun canopy has UPF 50 and rain covers are included. The only drawback is it’s only approved to 48.5 pounds, putting it out of commission earlier than the other pricey picks on this list.

Fits in overhead bin: Yes

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 48.5 pounds

Weight: 13.6 pounds

Delta Children Clutch Lightweight Stroller

Delta Children

Clutch Travel Stroller


If you’re in the market for a travel stroller that is light-as-a-feather, well then mama, look no further than Delta The Clutch Stroller. Weighing just over 11 pounds, the Clutch folds up small enough to store in an overhead bin in just a couple seconds. It comprises an adjustable sun visor, a good amount of under-seat storage and a five-point harness with reflective straps. And despite its compact stature, the stroller is super easy to maneuver thanks to a bevy of swivel wheels. –S.G.

More to know: Where others on this list trade comfort for compactness, this stroller offers an impressive amount of both. Unlike the Pockit the canopy is far more substantial and it comes with its own carry bag to make transport even easier. One Motherly editor says, “It’s literally the easiest stroller I have used so far. Cuts down on a lot of time to take out and put away, which is just what anyone who has a busy little one needs!”

Fits in overhead bin: Yes

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 50 pounds

Weight: 11.7 pounds


Summer Infant 3Dlite+

Summer Infant



At just over $125, the 3DLite+ is the second most affordable option on our list—but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to sacrifice any of the must-have features you want in a compact stroller. This sturdy stroller weighs in at 14 pounds and features a four-position recline, a roomy storage basket, and a fully adjustable (and removable) canopy with a flip out sun visor. It even has a cup holder perfectly sized to fit your third coffee of the day. ☕☕☕

Although the fold isn’t quite as compact as some of the other strollers on our list (it’s a vertical fold rather than a horizontal one), it can still be done one-handed and is easy to carry with the attached shoulder strap. Even better, it won’t take up a ton of room in your trunk.–S.G.

More to know: One of the most popular strollers on Amazon, the original 3DLite has more than 8,500 positive ratings!

Fits in overhead bin: No

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 50 pounds

Weight: 14 pounds

ergobaby metro+ compact stroller


Metro+ Compact Baby Stroller


If you’re looking for a compact stroller that is crazy comfy for your little one, this is it. Comprising a highly-padded (and washable) seat with side and lumbar support, the Metro focuses—not surprising—on delivering a superb ergonomically comfortable experience to wee ones, and it delivers. The plush seat reclines almost fully flat and an adjustable leg rest (which is also super padded) means that babes can nap on the go now.

With the ergonomic well-being of parents in mind, too, Ergobaby designed the Metro go easy on mom and dad. How so? A one-handed fold, for one. And 14 pounds, the stroller requires less force to push and less muscle to heft around—the Metro is the even certified “back healthy” by the AGR of Germany. That’s right, mamas, this one deserves a slow clap from all of us. (Bonus: They also have a carrying backpack for those times you know you’ll be lugging it around.)

As for the ride, it’s a smooth one thanks to bigger rubber tires that swivel on a dime and a spring suspension system that filters out the bumps and divots of the outside world.

More to know: This one is carseat compatible (with an adapter), making it a great investment from day one. And don’t worry about the weather! It comes with a weather shield to keep your passenger dry and happy!

Fits in overhead bin: Yes

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 50 pounds

Weight: 16.9 pounds

baby jogger city tour 2 stroller Motherly

Baby Jogger

City Tour 2


This compact stroller is a fabulous option for families on the go who also need the versatility and maneuverability of a much larger stroller. Between the car seat adaptability and optional glider board add on for older kiddos, it gets high marks for its longevity as well! Weighing in at 14 pounds, the City Tour 2 is constructed from soft, breathable fabric, and has an easy one-hand fold with an auto-lock feature. It reclines to a nearly flat position, has an XL canopy with a peekaboo mesh window, and has four swivel wheels that offer incredible handling even over bumpy terrain.

All of these amazing features don’t compromise this stroller’s compact design, though—the LUX folds up small enough to meet carry-on requirements for most airlines.–S.G.

More to know: It features a built-in carry strap and comes with a backpack-style carrying bag.

Fits in overhead bin: No

Disney compliant: Yes

Capacity: 45 pounds

Weight: 14.3 pounds

Guava Family Roam Crossover Stroller

Guava Family

Roam Crossover Stroller


If you just couldn’t imagine hitting the road (or the skies) without your jogging stroller, the Guava Roam Crossover is worth a look. The sleek design folds 50% smaller than traditional jogging strollers and stands on its own while folded to make storage easy-peasy. It’s not featherlight by any means, but certainly lightweight for a jogging stroller and boasts all the features of less portable models: a front wheel lock, independent suspension for a smooth ride, all-terrain airless bike tires and a handle bar that adjusts from 34” low to 45” high. –S.G.

More to know: It features a built-in carry strap and comes with a backpack-style carrying bag.

Fits in overhead bin: No

Disney compliant: no

Capacity: 60 pounds

Weight: 25 pounds

rent baby gear BabyQuip


Stroller Rental

Or, how about renting a stroller? (And whatever else you need!) Strollers, car seats, even cribs and toys can be delivered directly to your destination via the pros at BabyQuip. (They’ll even meet you at the airport!) Not only do they deliver it–they set up everything for you, and pick it up when you’re done—all at your convenience. All rental gear is clean, safe and insured so you can rest easy and just enjoy your vacay!

A version of this story was published April 29, 2021. It has been updated.