Anyone who has started the exciting task of looking for Montessori-inspired baby products when creating their registry knows there are many incredible baby items available to choose from. The internet is full of must-have lists, your experienced mom friends can’t wait to tell you the do’s and don’ts of registering, and your mother-in-law may even have an item or two you can’t live without. Every baby and family is different, and ultimately will have different needs, but if you are looking for ways to add natural and developmentally designed products to your list, Montessori baby items may be just what you are looking for. Dr. Maria Montessori coined the term “The Nido” (Italian for “nest”) to describe the setting for infants and babies. A Nido-like environment can be set up in your home, creating a space that is beautiful and safe, while also allowing your child to discover the world around them from the moment they’re born.

Below you will find 12 items to add to your baby registry to begin your Montessori at-home journey:

Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Play Gym (Motherly Shop)

Designed by child development experts, this play gym available in the Motherly Shop truly has it all. Your child can use this from the day you bring them home , through their first year. Made with sustainably sourced wood, and baby safe materials, the Lovevery play gym not only is a valuable developmental tool for your child, but looks nice too. The gym comes with multiple attachments to keep your child’s interests through different stages in their first year.




Tripp-Trapp high chair


Stokke has designed a high chair that, with the right accessories , can be used from birth through adolescence (the weight limit is 242 lbs). The Tripp Trapp hit the market in 1972, and is as popular now as ever. The chair allows your child to sit right up to the dining table with the rest of your family-a great opportunity for language and social development. The chair is made entirely out of wood, and comes in an array of colors to go with nearly any design style.




Skwish rattle

Skwish rattle

A rattle is an iconic baby shower gift , and although this may look a little different from your typical rattle, the Skwish Rattle will become a fast favorite. Starting at a very young age, your infant may just like to look at the unique shape and design of the rattle, but as they get older and begin grasping items, they will be eager to touch, squish and shake it. The rattle contains no dyes or paints, and is safe for a teething baby.




Wooden keys

Wooden keys (Motherly Shop)

There is just something about keys that babies can’t get enough of. These natural wooden keys found in the Motherly Shop allow your baby to have a set of their own. They are hand made using wood from rubber trees to give them a natural wooden look. Your newborns sensory development is being stimulated as they watch, listen to, and handle the rattle in different ways.




The Original Topponcino

The Original Topponcino

Referred to by parents as the “number one most recommended Montessori baby item”, the topponcino is an infant support pillow that is based on Dr. Montessori’s original 1940s design. Its unique oval shape cradles baby while providing essential head, neck, and body support as you hold and feed. The multi-layered design traps heat as well as your family’s smell, giving your little one “a small sanctuary of coziness in their new big world”, according to the company website. Made of 100% premium, natural cotton.




Noise makers

Noise makers (Etsy)

This set is one of the best sellers on Etsy’s site, with over 2,500 reviews and it is easy to see why. The set of five classic Montessori materials are some of the first developmental toys that can be offered to infants, and will continue to be used through the first year. You can customize the wood stains so the materials can be beautifully displayed in a nursery or playroom.




Wooden mobile

Wooden mobile (Motherly shop)

Made from solid wood, with a beautiful design, this mobile is available in the Motherly Shop and will look great with any nursery decor. Placing a mobile above a changing table, or other spaces your baby may spend time on their back, is a great way to keep them visually stimulated. You will be amazed at how the simplest patterns and shapes can draw and keep your baby’s attention.




Loveevery Black and white cards

Black and white cards - Lovevery

High contrast images help develop and strengthen your baby’s vision. These cards made by Lovevery are made with no-tear baby safe paper and soy based ink. As your child gets older, the playful themes can also be used to build vocabulary. The cards can be used on their own or with the Lovevery Play Gym + Mat .




Baby mirror


Wimmer-Ferguson is the original researcher and leader in high contrast colors and images for infant development. Manhattan Toy Company has created a line of infant toys using this research. Infants like looking at human faces more than anything else, providing a mirror for your baby to study their own face during tummy time and while on a play mat will help them enjoy this time.




The Montessori Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Nurturing Your Baby with Love, Respect and Understanding by Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike

The Montessori Baby: A Parent's Guide to Nurturing Your Baby with Love, Respect and      Understanding

Out in May (and currently available for pre-order), T he Montessori Baby will provide insight on how to raise your baby from birth to age one with “love, respect, insight, and a surprising sense of calm”. Drawing on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, the book will offer practical ideas for understanding your baby’s development, from creating Montessori spaces in your home to setting up activities that will encourage baby’s movement, and much more.




Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery has taken the guesswork out of buying your child developmentally appropriate toys. The kits are delivered to your home every 2-3 months and not only contain high quality toys designed for your child’s exact developmental needs, but also come with a ‘play guide’ backed by research for ideas beyond the items included. Gift cards towards the monthly subscriptions can be added to a registry.




Motherly Timeless Crib and Playhouse

Motherly Timeless Crib and Playhouse

You wouldn’t normally think of a crib as a Montessori-inspired item, but this thoughtfully designed piece of furniture grows and changes with your child, allowing you to always be meeting their developmental needs (a key Montessori principle). It evolves from a crib into a playhouse, then into a daybed, toddler bed, and eventually a full sized bed. The crib comes in two non-toxic finishes, and will take the stress and guesswork out of sleeping arrangement transitions.




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