Parents have been trying to make sure their families have the supplies they need during the pandemic, and it can be frustrating when the stores are out of baby formula, diapers or toilet paper.

An empty toilet paper aisle at a Missouri Walmart wasn’t just a scene of frustration earlier this month, it was also the scene of a birth.

According to Walmart store manager, Jessica Hinkle, the mom (who is keeping her name to herself to maintain her privacy) was in the TP aisle when her water broke. Hinkle told WAVY News that store associates were helping the mom when “Another lady comes around the corner and she says ‘I’m a labor nurse. Can I help?’ and we said, ‘Yes, yes please.’ She had gloves in her pocket, [and] she was ready.”

That nurse was ready and so was the Springfield fire department, including Lt. Michael Kuss. According to Kuss’s boss, Fire Chief David Pennington, Kuss said, “During a time of panic and fear it is incredible to run a call that produces joy and brings new life into the world.”

Hinkle says the whole birth took about 45 minutes, which is less than some people would spend in Walmart without giving birth. This was the mother’s second birth, and she shared that her first birth was quick, too.

Congratulations to this Walmart-loving mama. We hope she has someone else to shop for her in the coming weeks.