We want our children to know that they can accomplish anything. That if they work hard, they can be anything.

That's why we love this photo of Kristen Anderson, CEO of Catch, a tech startup that helps workers find and manage benefits.

Last week, Anderson shared a picture of herself at work. In the photo, she's wearing leggings and flip-flops. She's also noticeably pregnant.

"I want every little girl—every child, really—out there to know this is what a venture-backed CEO negotiating for tens of million [sic ] of dollars looks like," she tweeted.

There's power in that sentiment. When our children picture people who work in business or start their own companies, we want them to see men and women, people of all colors. We want them to see pregnant women succeeding in all types of jobs. We want them to be able to see themselves.

Anderson's post went viral on social media, and she's since shared another update to her story.

"Maybe you've seen that I went viral on Twitter and LinkedIn for sharing a candid photo of me doing my job," she wrote.

"The reactions have been mostly supportive, for which I'm grateful. Some reactions have been bad faith and nasty, for which I'm also grateful.

I know the world I want to build for my daughter, and I'm reminded that we still have a long way to go.

Happy Women's History Month."

It's important for children to see women, especially pregnant women, in positions of power. Our daughters need to be able to see themselves as leaders. Our sons need to see women as leaders.

We say it all the time—representation matters.

Anderson knows the type of world that she wants to build for her daughter—and it includes female CEOs.

That's the world we want to build for our children, too.