Essential gear for working from home with a newborn



Baby Bjorn


Bliss Bouncer




A lifesaver. I once took a phone call from a White House aide on a breaking news story while rocking my baby in this seat with my foot. Deadline: Met. Baby: Content. ( Read my full review on The BabyBjorn bouncer ; it rules).





Explore Carrier




Keeping baby close. Moms are obsessed with the The BabyTula Explore Carrier for good reason. It's an all-in-one carrier (no infant insert required!) that you can use with your little one for up to three years. Just strap baby in, prop your laptop on your kitchen counter, and catch up on emails while your baby snoozes close to mama. This was my secret weapon when I was working full-time without childcare.


We also suggest working with your partner, if you have one, to make the most of both of your time. Try blocking out a few mornings or evenings to go heads-down, while your partner watches the baby all morning or puts the baby down at night. You'll find yourself with extended focus time for work—which can feel amazing. And nobody is more efficient at work than a mom with a kid they're desperate to go snuggle. (Seriously: It's been proven that working moms are the most effective employees of all.)

Good luck mama. We're cheering you on.

Liz & Jill