Genevieve Shaw Brown is a lifestyle editor for Good Morning America and ABC News, and the author of The Happiest Mommy You Know: Why Putting Your Kids First Is the LAST Thing You Should Do...but this week the journalist became the news.

With three kids at home (ages 4, 6 and 8) Shaw Brown has been dealing with many interruptions to her work day, because as so many people have learned during the pandemic, working from home without childcare is hard.

"When I decided to count how many times I was actually interrupted during my daily call, it turned out to be 27 times in 11 minutes," Shaw Brown writes.

She recorded video to prove it.


"Ultimately, this will end. We will go back to work," Shaw Brown writes. "The kids will go back to school. But until then, we'll need to learn to deal with our new, temporary normal—27 times per conference call."

This is so hard, mama.

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