Megan Drye Harper's day starts at 5:45am. The mother of three, who runs her own marketing agency and recently went viral for adding her pandemic parenting experience to her resume, begins by checking emails. By 5:59am, two-year-old Goldie is in her lap, breastfeeding. By 6:34am, Goldie's hungry again. And on it goes. Stopping to put on a band-aid, eating lunch at her desk while breastfeeding, having a screen time buddy next to her while she sits at the computer. Mothers are the ultimate multi-taskers, and Harper is an excellent example.

The day progresses, children coming in and out of the room while Harper remains focused on the task at hand, stopping to give hugs and encouragement to seven-year-old Huck, taking calls. Sure, five-year old Gigi climbs on her desk in a princess costume. Harper's exhausted, but she's got this. She doesn't have a choice.

In our 2021 State of Motherhood report, we found that the mental load of motherhood exploded when the pandemic began. 93% of mothers surveyed report feeling burnt out. And why? We spent the past year being responsible for full-time education, full-time childcare while working from home with the cloud of a global pandemic hanging over us. It is no wonder that every mother's resume could use more than a little refresh.

Take a cue from Harper's, which after listing her achievements in the last year, says, "I achieved all of this while homeschooling a kindergartener, keeping a three-year-old entertained and nursing a baby between Zoom calls in my NYC apartment. Now, as we head back into a normal existence with childcare, imagine what I can do for your company in 2021."

We may be exhausted, but we absolutely love this.

In our Motherly exclusive video, watch a day in the life of a multi-tasking work-from-home mom. Chances are, it'll look familiar.


In concluding her resume refresh, Harper added, "Being a mom is a strength in the workplace not a weakness!"

We couldn't agree more.