With so many of our go-to summer activities revised or canceled because of COVID-19, families will spending more time with loved ones than ever before. We know staying inside is the best way to protect yourself (and others) from coronavirus, but what do you do when you're feeling a bit of cabin fever and run out of activities for your little ones?

We asked our Instagram mamas to share their favorite outdoor activities that keep littles entertained for hours.

Here are the best outdoor activities to play with your kids, according to Instagram mamas:

1. Water table —@kris_eleven

2. Running through a water fountain —@d_bz

3. Splashing in puddles —@higmz

4. Jumping on the trampoline —@tryingtobeaminimalist

5. Tag —@_ken_zee_029

6. Scooping up dirt —@missybam

7. Bike riding —@jenzduncan

8. Playing tag —@alanskyb

9. Chalk —@aarobbins9

10. Anything with the water hose —@theredqueen1013

11. Scooter —@l.noble_

12. Bubbles + trampolines —@liv0720

13. Playing with rocks —@jennacescon

14. Swings —@b.t.reed

15. Stare at construction vehicles —@caitlin.voegele

16. Anything active! Especially swimming —@ellie_a_fox

17. Being in the treehouse —@aatkisson

18. Stomping in puddles —@whoakenziekenz

19. Chasing the dog —@amy.knapke

20. Our swing set —@kaylaholt068

21. I've been making outdoor obstacles courses with things around the house and yard. —@sarahperry14

22. Catch! —@tasha.jace

23. Climbing —@kayleigh.paddick

24. Painting —@liannakushi

25. Sand + digging in the mud —@jnschoon

26. Bury toy dinos in a large area of dirt; it keep them busy for hours —@ashleyvrey

[This piece was originally published March, 2020. It has since been updated.]