Similar to mermaid coloring pages and unicorn coloring pages, dragon coloring pages are an excellent tool in unlocking your child’s artistry, imagery, and fine motor skills (the functioning of smaller muscles and joints in the fingers, hands, and wrists). Plus, dragons are super fun to color with their long tails, sharp tongues, and powerful wingspan. What better way to engage a child’s sense of wonder and budding curiosity than with a creative exercise like coloring—or scribbling, if that’s more their forte. 

Tons of dragon coloring pages exist (that are free to download!), giving kids the opportunity to learn about all different sorts of dragons like fire-breathing dragons, three-headed dragons, flying dragons, and more. Hey, it beats a trip to the reptile pet store, right mama? Click on each illustration’s name to download and print these fiery dragon coloring pages at no charge.  

Download these 10 free dragon coloring pages:

1. Dragon climbing a tower coloring page

Perfect for young and older artists, this animated illustration features a curious dragon climbing a tower. Download it for free on Homemade Gifts Made Easy. 

dragon coloring pages around castle tower

2. Flying dragon coloring page

Soar to new heights with this coloring page of a flying dragon. The basic graphic is great for scribblers or those who like to add a bit of pizazz (like scales!) to their works of art. 

3. Three-headed dragon coloring page

Is your toddler bored of coloring cartoon dragons? Up the ante with a three-headed dragon coloring sheet. It’s triple the coloring and triple the fun!

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4. Dd is For dragon coloring page

Designed for younger artists, this coloring activity promotes letter recognition and spelling. You can help your child sound out the word, too. 

dragon coloring pages d is for dragon preschool

5. Fierce dragon coloring page

For big kids, this coloring page dragon depicts a more ferocious reptile with sharp teeth, which may scare kids under five.

6. Cute dragon coloring page

Cute and friendly, this cartoon of a shy dragon can be downloaded and printed for free on Super Coloring. Suitable for colorers of all ages. 

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7. Dragon face coloring page 

Using bright primary colors, your toddler will have tons of fiery fun breathing life into this dragon facial outline. 

616 dragon face emoji coloring page 1

8. Cartoon dragon coloring page

Whether or not your fire breathing dragon likes to color inside the lines, this dragon coloring page will stimulate their creativity and fine motor skills. 

9. Dragon fairytale coloring page

Straight out of a storybook, this coloring page features a castle, knights in shining armor, and flying dragons. 

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10. Dragon color by numbers coloring page

Aspiring Picassos will appreciate the challenge of this dragon color-by-numbers activity.