One of the greatest joys of parenthood is reading with your little ones. Whether it’s going through a story with only a few words (all consisting of animal noises) or watching your budding reader start to put sentences together, fond memories are sure to come from quality time spent with books. Reading—at all ages—is magical as it takes the reader on adventures through time, on journeys to faraway lands, and fosters connections with characters who teach them valuable lessons.

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As parents, one thing we can do to foster our children’s love and appreciation for reading is to give them their own reading corner to get lost in a book. Whether it’s a space in their bedroom, a closet they can escape to, or a special chair in the living room, creating a “reading nook” for your little one will surely bring them joy and help them remember just special books really are.

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How to create a cozy and practical kids reading nook

1. Pick a reading corner

The corner of a child’s room, playroom or living room are all ideal places to start!

tulle hanging canopy



Tulle Hanging Canopy

Hang this canopy in a corner, or really anywhere in a room where you think a reading nook works best. Toss in some comfy pillows and a few books, and boom. You just made a reading nook!

KidKraft bookcase with reading nook



Bookcase with Reading Nook

Or, just buy the whole nook itself and find some wall space for it! This bookcase with reading nook comes with 6 storage compartments for books and 3 comfy cushions for your child’s ultimate reading comfort. Just get ready to fill it with books!

2. Choose your seating

An important step in encouraging your little ones to get lost in books for hours is to give them a comfortable place to do so. Whether it’s a nugget couch, a big fluffy beanbag chair, or a simple pillow on the floor, what matters is that their reading area is comfy and inviting (and books are close by of course!)

Pottery Barn Anywhere Beanbag

Pottery Barn Kids


Anywhere Beanbag

Fact: Bean bags never go out of style. Kids of all ages love them, and they make the perfect comfy chair to curl up in and get lost in a book. Choose a chair that fits your child’s personality best—rainbow? Personalized with their name? Sports-themed? And you just made their reading nook 100x better. Prices for the Anywhere Beanbag start at $149.

glow in the dark nugget couch



Convertible Plush Sofa for Kids

Add a comfy kids’ couch like this one (with matching ottomans!) to your reading nook and your kids will be thrilled. It’s soft, glows in the dark, and the covers are removable and washable!

3. Consider your storage

Next, you’ll need to find a place to store and display all the books! We love shelves that allow the books to face outward so that kids can easily identify and grab the book they want next.

Gracie Oaks spice rack

Gracie Oaks


Spice Racks (a.k.a. Book Shelves!)

Spice racks (yes, spice racks!) are a popular choice for displaying young children’s books so kids can see them easily. This white 2-piece set by Gracie Oaks would look cute in any reading nook. (See inspo here!)


Pottery Barn Kids


Sydney Bookrack

The easiest way to store book is in a classic bookcase. From antique and refurbished to modern and whimsical, you can find one that matches any room. Just be sure to mount them to the wall to avoid littles from pulling them down.

4. Make it unique + cozy

Now for the (really) fun part: Making your child’s nook personal and cozy. Tents are never a bad idea in this endeavor and they make kids feel as though they have their own little hideaway for quiet time.

castle tent



Kids Play Castle Fairy Tent

There’s nothing kids love more than hiding in a tent—whether it’s to play hide-and-seek or to snuggle up with a good book and their favorite stuffed animal. This castle play tent would make an ideal reading nook as it has has plenty of room for a comfy pillow, a few books, and your little reader!

personalized wooden book bin



Personalized Woodland Book Library box

Another way to make your child’s reading nook unique is to personalize it with cute wall decor or a book bin like this one with their name on it.

5. Light the way

Protect little eyes by ensuring there is a good source of light, either from a window (making sure they are secured so they can’t climb out), or a light fixture that casts the perfect glow on the pages.

passport ceiling pendant light

Crate & Kids


Passport Ceiling Pendant Light by Leanne Ford

Hang a pendant light like this one that resembles a hot air balloon and your kids will easily float away on an adventure as they delve into all their magical books.

unicorn string lights



Pink Unicorn String Lights

If your child’s nook is more tent or closet-like, string up some fun LED lights like these (they even come with a remote!) to brighten up the space and make reading even more fun.

6. Fill it with books!

This is the best part! Books and reading = memories and love. Fill your child’s reading nook with Montessori Busy Books, books about space, books about coding, or books about inspiring women in honor of Women’s History Month. Whatever they’re interested in, whatever ability level they are reading at, whatever you know they’ll love to sit and read, fill up those shelves and watch them embrace the joy of reading.

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The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

No child’s bookshelf is truly complete without at least one Eric Carle treasure on it. And although there are so many choices when it comes to Eric Carle classics, “The Mixed-Up Chameleon” is one of my favorites due to the beautiful lesson it teaches of loving yourself exactly the way you are.

Girls Who Code by Stacia Deutsch

Girls Who Code by Stacia Deutsch

Inspire your girls to love coding and all things STEM with the “Girls Who Code” book series. “The Friendship Code (Girls Who Code #1)” tackles the challenges making new friends (as well as the challenges of hard math equations) and is appropriate for ages 8-11.


Bookroo Kids Book Club

Another way to ensure your child’s reading nook will be well-stocked with books is to join a book subscription service like Bookroo. You choose your subscription based on your kid’s age and wait for amazing and exciting books to arrive on your doorstep!

A version of this article was published October 22, 2021. It has been updated.