Do you want to get your kids into the Valentine’s Day spirit and encourage their creativity? Or maybe you want a creative way to show your kids just how much you love them! And, here’s a cost-saving idea: Let your kiddo decorate these Valentine’s Day coloring pages to give out to their classmates!

Free coloring pages for Valentine’s Day to download now

1. Basic heart Valentine’s Day coloring page

Younger kids will have an easy time coloring with this basic coloring page of a heart. It would be a perfect finished product to hang on the refrigerator or for your kids to use as Valentine’s!

2. Festive sloth coloring page

If your kids love sloths as much as I do, here is this cute little guy hanging out on a tree! This sloth is very festive, as he’s holding a heart balloon, and your kids will have a fun time with this one!

heart coloring pages cute sloth heart balloon 400x518 1

3. “You are so loved” coloring page

If you are looking for a coloring page that will lift your kid’s spirits, this coloring page that says, “You are so loved,” would be perfect for showing just how much you love them! It would also be great if your kids are currently learning how to read.

4. Dreamy unicorn coloring page

Who doesn’t love unicorns? This lovable unicorn coloring page will be easy for your younger ones since it has very clear lines and big spaces to color in.

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5. Beautiful rose coloring page

If you have some advanced artists living in your home, this coloring page may be the perfect challenge for them. This intricate rose would be perfect for your older kids!

flower coloring pages botanical rose 400x518 1

6. Dinosaurs in love coloring page

There’s nothing like getting in the Valentine’s Day spirit like seeing two dinos in love! If your kids have been obsessing over dinosaurs lately, they will love this coloring page.

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7. Cute mermaid with heart coloring page

Your mermaid-lovers will love this cute picture of a mermaid holding a heart! This picture is pretty easy, so you could give it to any of your kids to color.

8. Intricate heart coloring page

If your older kids are still looking for a challenge, here is an intricate picture of a heart with thin lines and small spaces to color in. This picture might be difficult, but will be very pretty.

heart coloring pages curved striped pattern for adults 400x309 1

9. Heart-shaped flower coloring page

This picture of a heart-shaped flower will be perfect to hang on the refrigerator or hand out as a Valentine when it’s finished.

10. “I love you to the moon and back” coloring page

Your space-nerds will love this cool picture of a rocket that says “I love you to the moon and back.” Again, this would also be a great picture to give your kids who are currently learning how to read.

11. Cute cat with heart balloons coloring page

Look at this little cutie! Your kids will love this cute little picture of a kitty holding some heart balloons! It will be easy and fun for kids of any age.

kawaii kittie with balloons coloring page

12. “Bee mine” coloring page

Here’s another coloring page for your kids learning how to read! This is a cute picture of some cute bees in love that says, “Bee mine, Valentine.”

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13. Cupid coloring page

This collection wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Valentine’s Day’s leading cherub, Cupid! This is a generally easy picture of cupid for your kids to color! Now that you have all these coloring pages, it’s time to break out the crayons and markers and