We’ve all been there. You spend precious time cooking a family meal only to have your child look at you as if you made something out of bed rock rather than pantry staples. Having a picky eater is tough. But, we’re here to help.

The top picky eater stories cover everything from supplementing their food with with proper vitamins to feeling understood with a personal essay about mom guilt and, of course, some tips to help you through this difficult phase. Scroll through the top child nutrition stories that you’ll want to bookmark for easy access.

Motherly’s 11 top picky eater stories to bookmark

1. Vitamins for picky eaters

If your child is a picky eater then one of the most important things you can do to supplement their intake is to give them vitamins. Here’s what you need to know about the best kids vitamins, including choosing one that’s right for you and your family. Read about the best vitamins for kids here.

2. Mom guilt and picky eating struggles

One mom writes about her personal experience with feeling mom guilt about having a picky eater. Check out what she says finally turned the food battles tide in her favor. Read about this toddler mom’s picky eater struggles here.

3. 3 tips to avoid mealtime struggles

A private chef, mom and food entrepreneur shares some tricks about dealing with picky eaters. Conquering mealtime doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Check out what this mom says helped her raise kids with a healthy relationship to food. Read about tips to improve picky eating here.

4. 8 brain foods your pickiest eater will eat

Your child’s nutrition feeds their developing brain. But, how do you encourage your picky eater to eat healthy foods? Thankfully, there are a lot of brain foods that little kids love. Yes, picky eaters included. Read about brain development food for picky eaters here.

5. Tips to survive a toddler food strike

There comes a time when the toddler who once ate whatever you put in front of him won’t eat anything at all—not even safe foods. It can be extremely frustrating to navigate. A pediatric dietitian offers tips to help you deal with your toddler’s food strike. May the odds be in your favor. Read about how to manage a toddler food strike here.

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6. Tips for feeding kids

A food writer and mom discusses child nutrition and the secret to feeding children on her podcast, Pressure Cooker, and here are her top three tips for feeding kids. Plus, she validates the challenges parents face when it comes to keeping kids healthy. Read about her top three tips for feeding kids here.

7. 7 ways to help your kids form a healthy relationship with food

An eating disorders therapist and mom shares a variety of ways to help children form a healthy relationship with food. Check out how to empower your child with their food choices. Read about how to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food here.

8. Picky eater: Confessions from a dietician mom

A dietician and a mom opens up about the picky eating struggles she faced with her child. Find out what her experience was like and about the advice she would give to a fellow mom in thick of it. Read about this dietician’s picky eater confessions here.

9. Build your baby’s brain development with these foods

It’s an exciting time in the life of mother and baby when your child transitions over to solid foods. A whole new world awaits for their curious taste buds. Of course you’re also curious about what foods would best aid in their beautiful developing brains. Read about key foods to build your baby’s brain development here.

10. Mood boosting foods for kids

Did you know that foods can affect our moods? A pediatric dietician reveals 9 mood-foods you can easily add to your family’s meal rotations or snacks. Plus, check out the 4 nutrients needed to support mental health. Read about mood boosting foods here.

11. Let your kids play with their food

All signs point to letting your child play with their food because it increases the likelihood that they’ll actually eat it. Messy, we know. Check out why it’s a good idea to add a little fun to meal times and the division of parent and child feeding roles, according to a pediatric nutritionist. Read about why you might encourage your kid to play with their food here.

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