While there's no one "right" way to parent, it can be reassuring to see how other mamas handle routines and transitions. Maybe you revolve your entire life around your baby's nap schedule. Or, you're trying to figure out how to drop that second nap for your toddler.

We asked #TeamMotherly to share their child's nap schedules and we received more than 1,000 responses. Here are some of them:

1. An 18-month-old with two naps

"My son is 18 months old. He wakes any where from 7-8 AM. He takes his first nap around 10-11 AM. He sleeps for one to two hours. He then takes another nap around 3 PM and will sleep for an hour and a half. He then goes to bed around 6:45-7:30 PM and sleeps through the night until the next morning."—Sara D.


2. Adult sons need naps, too

"Sons ages 28, 21, 18 they nap at every opportunity."—Jackie B. 😂

3. No more daytime naps for these four kids

"I have four children. As soon as they all turned one, they cut out their daytime nap. I currently have a 7-month-old that has never had a daytime nap, 10 mins max is all he will sleep during the day 🙄."—Naomi V.

4. A 20-month-old with one nap

"My son is 20 months old. Gets up between 7:30-8 AM, sometimes earlier. He's been taking one nap a day since before he was a year old, usually from about 12:30-3:30 PM. Bed time is around 8:30-9 PM, although by the time the kid finally falls asleep it can be anywhere from 9-10:30 PM."—Kelli W.

5. No schedule necessary

"No schedule for naps. Takes one if needed only. Bedtime is fluid too. She usually sleeps from midnight to noon. No pressure on the time she falls asleep but we are in bed by midnight every night."—Shakia K.

6. A 10-month-old with two naps

"My 10-month-old wakes at 6.30-7 AM, naps about 9-9.30 AM for one hour, then again in afternoon around 2.30 PM for about 45-90 minutes depending on her needs. Bed at 6.30-7 PM and wakes every two hours for a slurp of milk and a snuggle. 🤪😴🤪😴 TIRED Mammy!"—Car N.

7. A 4-month-old who power naps

"My 4-month-old girl bedtime routine at 7-8 PM depending on when she's starting to show she's sleepy. Feed between 1-3AM and back asleep until 6-7 AM. Feed then asleep 8 AM. Feed then asleep around 11 AM, sleep at 1 PM. Feed at 2 PM, then sleep at 3 PM. Feed at 5pm and sometimes another nap. Very loose schedule as it's all guided by her but this is about standard. Her naps are usually 10-minute power naps too."—Jade W.

8. A mom with two kids on slightly different schedules

"My 4-year-old daughter quit her nap when she was just over 2.5 yrs. She's been sleeping 12-plus hours a night since eight weeks old. She previously had good naps, but once little brother came.... game over. Her bedtime is 7 PM, she's usually asleep by 8 PM, and she wakes up at 8 AM for preschool or 8:30 AM on non-school days. My son is 20 months—asleep at 7 PM, wakes between 7:30 and 8 AM, naps from 1-4 PM."—April B.

9. A 2.5-year-old with a must-have daily nap

"2.5 years old. Noon to 2 PM everyday, an occasional Saturday it might start at 1 PM, but always a daily nap."—Tamara X

10. An 18-month-old who fights sleep

"18 month old.Hates sleep. Fights naps. Has yet to sleep through the night. Depending on how long she parties at 2-3 AM depends on when she crashes... sometimes 10 AM sometimes 1 PM sometimes 3 PM and sometimes no nap and she crashes at dinner in the high chair. I try to have her routine bath at 7 PM and in bed by 8-8:30 PM with her melatonin. We are up by 7 AM every day."—Casey L.

11. A 1-year-old with two naps

"1 year old still two naps a day. First nap seemed to be getting later and shorter but now he is back to napping 9:00-10:30 AM and then 2:00-3:30 PM. Bedtime at 7 PM (asleep by 7:30 PM) and wakes 6 AM (like clockwork, putting him to bed later does not get us a later wake up!)"—Tracey N

12. A 10-month-old who recently hasn't woken overnight for a bottle

"10 months old. Awake at 6:30 AM on the dot most mornings. Two naps a day anywhere from one to two hours. Bedtime around 6:30-7 PM. Bub sleeps for 11-12 hours overnight and recently hasn't woke for a bottle. 🙌🏼I base naps and bedtime around awake times! 👍🏼"—Carissa L.

13. A 3-month-old that naps longer when she's being held

"I have a 3-month-old, she's in bed by 8:30-9 PM and sleeps till 7-8:30 AM. Rare occasion she's up earlier like this morning (6:30 AM) lol. She eats and then is up and actually is tranced by Mickey Mouse lol she will always nap about a hour and a half to two hours after her feedings. Naps range from hours to mins. All depends. She don't stay sleeping for long if I lay her down by herself but if she's next to me or in holding her then it's hours."—Randi G.

14. A 4-year-old with quiet time

"My 4-year-old daughter stopped napping before she was two. We couldn't force her to sleep and she sleeps much better at night without napping. We enforce "quiet time" instead. My 18-month-old son loves naps and naps once in the morning around 11 AM to 1 PM and again around 3-5 PM. He sleeps all night from 7:30-8 AM."—Lori E.

15. An 11-month-old who co-sleeps

"My 11-month-old is a co-sleeper so she gets up with me at 6:30 AM on weekdays, her sisters are on the bus by 7:10 AM, she falls back asleep till 10-11:00 AM sometimes so do I. Then she's up and her next nap is around 2:00 PM, she wakes up when her sisters come home at 3:00 PM. Sometimes she'll take a cat nap when I'm cooking dinner around 6:00 PM, then is in bed by 10:00 PM and sleeps through the night. She's the best!"—Rachel F.

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When I was expecting my first child, I wanted to know everything that could possibly be in store for his first year.

I quizzed my own mom and the friends who ventured into motherhood before I did. I absorbed parenting books and articles like a sponge. I signed up for classes on childbirth, breastfeeding and even baby-led weaning. My philosophy? The more I knew, the better.

Yet, despite my best efforts, I didn't know it all. Not by a long shot. Instead, my firstborn, my husband and I had to figure it out together—day by day, challenge by challenge, triumph by triumph.


The funny thing is that although I wanted to know it all, the surprises—those moments that were unique to us—were what made that first year so beautiful.

Of course, my research provided a helpful outline as I graduated from never having changed a diaper to conquering the newborn haze, my return to work, the milestones and the challenges. But while I did need much of that tactical knowledge, I also learned the value of following my baby's lead and trusting my gut.

I realized the importance of advice from fellow mamas, too. I vividly remember a conversation with a friend who had her first child shortly before I welcomed mine. My friend, who had already returned to work after maternity leave, encouraged me to be patient when introducing a bottle and to help my son get comfortable with taking that bottle from someone else.

Yes, from a logistical standpoint, that's great advice for any working mama. But I also took an incredibly important point from this conversation: This was less about the act of bottle-feeding itself, and more about what it represented for my peace of mind when I was away from my son.

This fellow mama encouraged me to honor my emotions and give myself permission to do what was best for my family—and that really set the tone for my whole approach to parenting. Because honestly, that was just the first of many big transitions during that first year, and each of them came with their own set of mixed emotions.

I felt proud and also strangely nostalgic as my baby seamlessly graduated to a sippy bottle.

I felt my baby's teething pain along with him and also felt confident that we could get through it with the right tools.

I felt relieved as my baby learned to self-soothe by finding his own pacifier and also sad to realize how quickly he was becoming his own person.

As I look back on everything now, some four years and two more kids later, I can't remember the exact day my son crawled, the project I tackled on my first day back at work, or even what his first word was. (It's written somewhere in a baby book!)

But I do remember how I felt with each milestone: the joy, the overwhelming love, the anxiety, the exhaustion and the sense of wonder. That truly was the greatest gift of the first year… and nothing could have prepared me for all those feelings.

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I was blissfully asleep on the couch while my little one was occupied elsewhere with toys, books and my partner. She got bored with what they were doing, escaped from his watch and, sensing my absence, set about looking for me. Finding me on the couch, nose-level, she peeled back my one available eyelid, singing, "Mama? Mama? ...You there? Wake UP!"

Sound familiar? Nothing limits sleep more than parenthood. And nothing is more sought after as a parent than a nap, if not a good night's rest.

But Mother Nature practically guarantees that you are likely to be woken up by a toddler—they're hardwired to find you (and get your attention) when you're "away."

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