A full bookshelf is a portal to literacy and imagination, but with so many great children's books out there, a lot of parents don't know where to start curating a personal library for their little ones.

Now, Amazon will do it for you, with a Prime Book Box made for kids and available to any household with a Prime subscription.

Amazon just announced the service (which launched as an invite-only affair back in the spring) is open to all Prime members and will see hardcover children's books delivered to your door every month, (or every two or three months, it's your choice.)

Through the subscription box parents are able to save up to 35% off a book's list price, as each box is $22.99 and contains four or two books, depending on the age range selected. If you pick a box for baby, it'll come with four board books. Boxes for kids 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 contain two books per box.

If you find your child's bookshelf isn't as full as you would like, this might be a good way to easily get an editor-curated collection of new releases and old classics into your bedtime story rotation.

Covers, not clutter

It seems counterproductive, but bringing more books into the house could actually help a family cut down on the clutter—physical and digital— that we're all constantly fighting against as parents. A book box provides kids with a monthly (or quarterly) opportunity to open a special surprise that isn't a plastic plaything, and can also help families clock less screen time by providing an entertainment alternative.

Studies have found that ebooks (while pretty awesome for adults who don't want to lug a novel everywhere) just can't replace physical books for little ones, as the electronic medium can be distracting or kids and the parents who are trying to read to them.

An old school alternative

Of course, for the truly minimalist parents out there, there is another way to give your kids access to new books each month without building your own home library. If you're not a Prime member, are watching your budget, or just don't have the space for a ton of books at home, visiting your local library is another way to access editor-curated collections.