Let’s face it. Juggling multiple children, managing a nine to five, and caring for the family pet means cooking is often an afterthought for many (seriously, we’re all guilty of forgetting to leave meat out to defrost). That being said, most parents would agree that they want their family to consume nourishing, well-balanced meals on a regular basis. Whether you’re a newbie in the kitchen or you enjoy cooking but don’t have time for elaborate recipes, we’ve rounded up three spring cookbooks that’ll make even the busiest of parents put their Postmates app on pause.

With delicious, easy-to-follow recipes the whole family will love, think of these cookbooks as your trusty sous chef that’ll help you get meals on the table quicker than the time it takes for a pizza to show up on your doorstep.

Keep scrolling to find out which three cookbooks won our stamp of approval for busy parents.

The No-Shop Instant Pot: 240 Options For Amazing Meals With Ingredients You Already Have

Family-friendly cookbooks

The Instant Pot is every busy parent’s best friend in the kitchen, and with its ability to whip up a mean pot of chili, roast an entire rotisserie chicken, and even make a cheesecake that’ll give your local bakery a run for its money, it’s easy to see why. If your family is bored of having the steamed veggies and chicken soup that are your usual Instant Pot go-to’s, this cookbook (which features recipes using ingredients you likely already have on hand) is sure to bring a new surprise to the table everyday.




Come On Over: 111 Fantastic Recipes For The Family That Cooks, Eats, And Laughs Together

Family-friendly cookbooks

If the title alone doesn’t inspire you, we’re sure the 111 impressive recipes will. Each recipe in this cookbook is curated by Jeff Mauro, co-host of the Food Network’s The Kitchen —so you can be rest assured that everything from the Smoked Honey-Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon to the Crispy Plantain Chips will be mouthwatering. Best part? The recipes are designed for a variety of family-friendly occasions (think: game day, birthday parties, and brunches), and are meant to encourage all members of the family to join in on the cooking.




The No-Cook Cookbook

Family-friendly cookbooks

Little hands can be a big help in the kitchen, which is why this pick is a win-win for both busy parents and young food lovers alike. The cookbook features over 50 colorful recipes that are simple enough for your youngin’ to help with, yet tasty enough that every member of the family will enjoy. None of the dishes—from the cauliflower rice bowl to the gazpacho—require any cooking or heating to enjoy. And, the book is chock-full of kitchen safety tips and advice on how to grow your own herb and vegetable garden.