For the 40-some weeks of pregnancy, your body is constantly transforming to accommodate a sweet, rapidly growing baby. Then just as you get a grasp on your maternity style, everything changes as you enter the strange new land of life with a postpartum body.

She looks a lot like you, only now with the unfamiliar side-effects that accompany the experiences of postpartum healing, breastfeeding and sleepless nights.

But don’t you question it for a second, mama: Your postpartum body is one of a super woman—and it deserves to be treated that way.

We rounded up our eight favorite products for inspiring confidence in your beautiful, strong, miraculous postpartum body.

Worry-free underwear

1. Worry-free underwear


With a new baby in the house, you have plenty to worry about already. Don’t let leaks from postpartum bleeding be one of those concerns. Not only are these boyshorts ultra-absorbent, but they are also brilliantly seamless, which makes them winners for mamas recovering from Cesarean births.

Earth Mama Organics Herbal Sitz Bath

Earth Mama Organics

2. Relief during postpartum recovery


When you were dreaming of those early days with a newborn, all the recovering going on from child birth probably wasn’t part of the scene, right? But as all new mamas know too well, discomfort down below can persist long after you leave the labor ward.

Improve your experience with the healing herbals in these organic compresses. The comfort-supplying pads can be worn alone or frozen alongside a postpartum pad for maximum relief. Either way, you’ll have a bit more pep in your step.

esse pregnancy pillow


3. Support as you recover


Postpartum recovery can be *hard*, mama. Although this is a pregnancy pillow, we designed it with the product pros at Ingenuity to make sure the pillow offers postpartum support, whether you’re sleeping, lounging or reading.

A beautiful, luxe robe

4. A beautiful, luxe robe


Who says you can’t elevate your style—even when you’re spending the day lavishing in baby snuggles on the couch? Perfect for anything from newborn photo-ops (in contrast to those standard-issue hospital gowns) and naturally nursing-friendly, we’re genuinely obsessed with this floral pattern. No doubt you’ll love wearing this luxurious robe for years to come.

baby wrap carrier

5. A (stylish) way to free up your hands


Not only does keeping your little one close in a wrap allow you to get an instant endorphin boost whenever you pause to caress that angel-soft hair, but it also also frees up both hands—which is why this wrap truly has our hearts.

The brilliance of the design is its simplicity: The long strip of flexible fabric allows for a custom fit with each wear. You’ll also get the hang of putting it on yourself in no time, unlike some other carriers with hard-to-reach buckles. Not to mention the wraps are so beautiful you won’t hesitate to get in the frame of pictures with your baby.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum

Mad Hippie

6. A beauty routine too simple to skip


The quickest, most effective beauty fixes are the name of the game when you’re a busy new mom. This antioxidant-rich serum doesn’t just promise to even skin-tone, balance texture and help erase under-eye bags, it really does all those things—while also being natural and vegan, for added peace of mind.

Midnight compressive high rise legging

7. Leggings you'll want to live in


You’re not pregnant—but the whole idea of “bouncing back” isn’t even on your radar. Enter: the life-changing power of high-rise leggings, AKA the postpartum mama’s uniform for highlighting your best assets.

These leggings with four-way stretch compress in all the right places without binding or pinching and you can feel good about the fact they are made from recycled water bottles. (Actually, use that as your cue to pour another glass of water from the faucet!)

Kindred Bravely nursing pads

Kindred Bravely

8. Back-up against bra leaks


For breastfeeding mamas, the flow of milk is pure magic—except when you aren’t nursing or pumping. In those cases, it’s helpful to have a little extra protection against visible leaks and these slim, reusable nursing pads are perfect for concealing under your bra so you can go confidently about your day.

Ingrid Isabel maternity nursing midi-dress

9. A dress that pulls double-duty


With a new baby in the house, you have full permission to lounge around in whatever you please. Still, there’s something to be said for dressing up and taking that new mama glow out on the town. But what’s a girl to do if nothing in her closet is compatible with nursing or pumping? This stylish nursing (and maternity!) dress is the solution.