Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had state-of-the-art home gyms fully loaded with innovative weights and machines? But most mamas don’t have that, and that’s okay. You don’t need a gym membership or fancy fitness equipment to get in a good workout.

The exercises below, created by Antonietta Vicario, P.volve master trainer and head of talent and training, are designed to strengthen your core and build endurance. If you find one you love, stick with it. Rest for a couple minutes, then repeat a few more times. If you discover you’re not into one, skip it and try another. These exercises are designed to give you the confidence you need to improve your fitness game at your pace .

Here are 9 exercises to try at home that don’t require a single piece of equipment:

1. Step back

Step back

1. Stand with your feet parallel and shift your hips back so your knees bend right over your ankles and reach your arms straight forward at shoulder height.

2. From there, extend one leg straight back behind you to 6 o’clock position (as if you were standing on a clock) with the back leg straight and the heel high.

3. Drive energy through the ball of the foot to engage your glutes while reaching your arms overhead.

4. From there, return to start position.


2. Step back with rotation

Step back with rotation

1. From your step back position, bring your arms shoulder height, elbows long and rotate your palms toward one another.

2. Twist your upper body away from your extended back leg, following the rotation with your hand and gaze to deeply activate the core muscles.

3. Be sure to keep your abs tight during this twist and return back to center.


3. Internal 45 with side stretch

Internal 45 with side stretch

1. From your step back position, rotate your back leg on a 45-degree angle out to the side while keeping the knee long and the front foot still in space.

2. Your hips should follow the rotation of the back leg. Reach the arm of your extended leg straight forward in line with your shoulder and bend the other elbow out to the side at a 90-degree angle.

3. Reach your bent arm up overhead while allowing your hips to shift to the side, feeling an elongation from your hip all the way up through your fingertips.


4. Internal 45 long leg squeeze

Internal 45 long leg squeeze

1. From your internal 45 position, shift your weight forward over your standing leg.

2. Keep your back leg rotated internally as you squeeze your glute and lift the leg up, creating a long diagonal line in the body.

3. Pull your lower abdominals in to draw the working knee inwards to your standing knee and extend back to the start position, working your balance, glutes and stability.


5. 3’ leg lift

3u2019 leg lift

1. Stand with your feet parallel and shift your hips back so your knees bend right over your ankles.

2. Tilt your upper body forward so your spine is a diagonal from head to tail.

3. Tap one foot straight out to the side with a pointed foot and lift and lower the leg, working your glutes and core.


6. Kneeling inner thigh stretch with rotation

Kneeling inner thigh stretch with rotation

1. From a kneeling position, step one foot directly out to the side.

2. Shift your hips toward your foot, stretching your inner thighs while maintaining a squeeze on the kneeling glute.

3. Interlace your hands with your elbows wide, rotate your upper body away from your foot and wring out the entire abdominal wall.


7. Kneeling side kick

Kneeling side kick

1. From a crawling position, come down to one forearm and open your hips up so they are stacked.

2. Extend the leg of the top hip and lift and lower your leg to squeeze the glutes.

3. Remember to keep your shoulder away from the ear and press down through your forearm to engage the upper back and postural muscles.


8. Shift butt press

Shift butt press

1. Start in all fours stacked with a neutral spine, shift your hips back an inch or two so that your hands are forward of your shoulders and your hips are slightly behind your knees.

2. Keep your abdominals lifting to the ceiling so your back stays neutral.

3. Bend one knee up to the ceiling, pressing through a flexed foot and return to start position, pumping through the glutes.


9. Plank with elbow lift

Plank with elbow lift

1. Come to a plank position, zipping up your abdominals and keeping a long line of energy from head to heels.

2. Press into one hand and lift one elbow up toward the ceiling, rotating through the upper body and squeezing into the obliques.

3. Alternate arms and keep your hips as still as possible to tone the abdominals.