As we dive into summer and it's getting hotter, we start feeling pulled by the desire to hit the beach, splash around in the pool and even just chill by the sprinkler. Dealing with warmer temperatures is certainly uncomfortable during the summer season, so you're in luck, one of the best ways to workout during pregnancy is by immersing yourself into the pool. Swimming is a low-impact physical activity that provides a cardiovascular workout that positively impacts your mobility and blood flow circulation without adding muscular or joint stress to the body. Additionally, immersing yourself in water could help ease common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, morning sickness, or heartburn. One interesting benefit with the water is that it really helps us utilize our core muscles in order to stabilize ourselves in the water -- which happens to be helpful during pregnancy. Lucky for us, water workouts are gaining popularity and there are a variety of ways to stay fit with the water!

  1. Aqua Cycling - Cycling adds pressure on our knees, as well as keeps our hip flexors in a flexed position, which could contribute to sciatica pain at later stages of pregnancy. With the water support, you'll feel a natural massage and less pressure when you're pedaling in the water. As a result, you'll feel less soreness post workout since you're not pushing down with heavy resistance but rather utilizing the buoyancy effect of the water.
  2. Swimming - Swimming laps is a great way to workout and tone both your upper and lower body at the same time. You could alternate between the different strokes: freestyle, breast stroke, and back stroke. Focus on slow, steady movements as you complete the laps in the pool and take breaks as needed.
  3. Water Aerobics - Instead of taking an indoor aerobics class, try one in the water. You won't feel the pressure of common aerobics moves such as squats, side steps, floor jacks and even push-ups. In fact, you'll be able to move more freely in a safe and effective way with the water support on your joints.
  4. Water Yoga - Why not take your yoga practice to the water? Try these yoga moves in the water. Practicing yoga helps you connect with your body, release discomfort, and stimulate blood circulation, which hopefully makes you feel effortless while holding the asanas in the water.

Water workouts are a safe and effective way to stay fit during your pregnancy, so if you have access to a pool, take advantage!