So you’re feeling a bit out of shape? We get it, mama. You’re quarantined at home, baking and working on homeschooling projects. If you’re trying to get some exercise in, it might be difficult when you don’t have access to a gym or large space—or don’t have space for more equipment.

That’s why we asked FitOn‘s master trainers and go-to wellness experts, Christine Bullock and Caroline Pearce, to share their tips that are not only beneficial to burning calories, but are perfect for any free space in your home.

Here are trainer tips on how to stay fit at home when you don’t have much space:

1. Try sprinters arms

Having strength in your arms can benefit your overall health. In fact, The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least twice a week. It may sound challenging, but working on your arms can be done in any room of your house, or even outdoors in a field or your backyard. Just grab a corner and try it.

To do this, Pearce suggests fixing your feet to the ground in a split squat position and moving your arms back and forth as fast as you can (almost as if you’re running) for 60 seconds, switching the lead leg halfway. “Work for three rounds total and feel your heart rate elevate whilst not even moving from the floor,” she says.

2. Use small items already in your home

Gone are the days of spending loads of money to outfit your at-home gym—did you know that your home is already filled with fitness equipment that doesn’t take up extra space when in use? “Use folded up towels as gliders on a wooden or smooth floor surface—it’s the perfect way to get in a quiet cardio workout,” says Pearce. “Place the towel under your feet, slide it behind (reverse lunge) then to the side (lateral lunge) one leg at a time.”

3. Focus on more reps, not heavy weights

Most fitness pros say that 4 to 6 repetitions with heavier weights will give you increased muscle size, but increased reps with small movements can be just as effective.

“I recommend using small focused movements for up to 30 reps,” says Bullock. “For example, low plie pulse, low squat pulse, leg lift pulse, low push-up pulse or arm extension pulse are great exercises to get your heart rate up and sweat even faster.”

4. Try a resistance band

Resistance bands can work most of your body in one move and they’re so small they can even fit just about anywhere. Bonus: Most are under $20 and can be added to almost any exercise. “Add a resistance band to simple cardio moves like jumping jacks, squat jumps, push-ups or boxing punches,” says Bullock. “The added resistance weight adds a challenge to more muscle groups, getting your burn in faster and with less impact cardio.”

5. Use toddlers as props

“I use my toddler as a prop during workouts [to save space],” says Bullock. “I let her jog the room and then when she comes near me I stack her on my hip for squats, lay her down for push-up kisses, or do bear crawls around the room chasing her.”

6. Engage your core with bicycle abs

Bicycle abs, also known as bicycle crunches, are a great core strengthening workout that doesn’t require much room. It’s a great way to engage deep abs and tone obliques. To do this, first lay on your back, and cycle your legs, moving your elbows toward the opposite knee with each cycle, says Pearce. “You can move fast for this exercise and get a great cardio effect without any disturbance to your neighbors,” she says.