Let’s have a little holiday pep talk, shall we? In the coming weeks, you might get pulled in about 10,000 different directions. From social obligations to present picking to the hundreds of other little details that go into the making of holiday magic, it’s a big task. On top of the already big task of caring for your family. 

In the rush of it all, mama, don’t forget to care for yourself. 

We’re mamas, too—so we know this advice can sound a bit trite. But how about taking this moment to let the truth of it sink in: self-care is a right, not a privilege.

It doesn’t always feel like it. And, sure, some days are lower on self-care than other days. That doesn’t change the fact that you deserve the mental, emotional and physical space to take care of yourself—especially during the holidays.

Empowered Motherhood class

What this means will look different for each of us. Whether you want to get more intentional about meditation, plan a girls’ night for baking sugar cookies or want to lock yourself in the bathroom for a solid hour of DIY spa time. You deserve it.

Still not convinced or unsure how to make it happen? Think of it this way: How did you feel after your last top-notch self-care session? Rejuvenated. Refreshed. Reinvigorated…And we bet your family noticed.

After all, holiday magic doesn’t happen on its own. And just as with those carefully selected gifts for the kids, the magic-maker needs batteries, too. 

A version of this post was published November 29, 2021. It has been updated.