From noshing on latkes and chocolate gelt to opening a new Hannukah gift each night, there’s a lot to love about celebrating the Festival of Lights. But the most important part of the tradition? Lighting the menorah.

Hanukkah, a Hebrew word which literally translates to “dedication,” commemorates the victory of the Maccabees and the miracle that occurred as they cleansed their reclaimed Temple. The holy oil, which should only have lasted one day burned brightly for eight nights instead. Today, we light candles each night to remember, making the menorah the true centerpiece of the holiday.

But modern menorahs are more than just a piece of holiday decor. They’re an object of ritual, one that can be part of your family’s traditions for years to come. Involving our children in the prayers and lighting the menorah helps raise proud Jewish kids. That said, I’m sure I’m not the only Jewish mom who will admit the heirloom menorahs of my youth were, well, kind of cheesy. These days, there are tons of stylish menorahs to choose from which feel more at home with the decor we’ve got.

If you’re looking for a new family heirloom or to add to a growing collection, I’ve rounded up some gorgeous modern menorahs that fit every decor style. The best part? Most are so versatile, you don’t even have to pack them away when Hanukkah ends.

Our favorite modern menorahs for every decor style

Jonathan Adler Elephant Menorah

Jonathan Adler


Elephant Menorah

This simple stoneware elephant piece from the master of modern Judaica, Jonathan Adler, would make the perfect menorah to commemorate baby’s first Hanukkah. And with a nice wide base, it’s also more sturdy than most!

Yair Emanuel Train Menorah

Yair Emanuel


Train Menorah

Or you could opt for this colorful train menorah instead! The playful design from Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel is made from solid anodized aluminum with wheels that actually spin around. Not only does it inspire little ones to participate in the lighting of the candles, it also looks darling perched on a nursery shelf throughout the year.

Threshold Modern Menorah



Modern Menorah

This contemporary design is made from wood and powder-coated aluminum that easily blends with any style decor. Its clean angles lend a modern feel and at just $25 bucks it’s super affordable as well!

ClaybyDannah Handmade Ceramic Modular Menorah



Handmade Ceramic Modular Menorah

A versatile design that can be used all year, this menorah is made up of nine individual candle holders which look beautiful together or scattered about when Hanukkah ends. The ceramic pieces are handmade in varying shapes and decorated with a different tree silhouette to bring the outside in.

Colori Crafts Wooden Menorah

Colori Crafts


Wooden Menorah

Another handmade option that can be used throughout the year! These wooden blocks look right at home on the mantle or be used to cozy up a coffee table or bookshelf until it’s time for the Festival of Lights. When celebrations roll around, pull them together to create a simple menorah. And since they’re made for tea lights you’ll never have to scramble to find Hanukkah candles!

West Elm White Marble Menorah

West Elm


White Marble Menorah

A gorgeous semi-circle of marble accented with brass makes this menorah from West Elm a true centerpiece. It also makes a chic dinner party accessory, so no need to pack it away too quickly.

Tchotcheke Ripple Menorah



Ripple Menorah

Part menorah, part functional artwork, we’re absolutely swooning over the ceramic pieces from Tchotchke. Our standout fave? The Ripple. The concentric ring design  allows you to place the shamash in the center and the other eight candles anywhere you’d like. And don’t even get us started on that regal emerald glaze…

Jungalow Carved Clay Menorah



Carved Clay Menorah

The Jungalow collection rarely disappoints and this beauty is no exception. Made from terracotta, the stark white design is warmed up with a bit of texture to give it a shabby chic look we love–and the price isn’t too shabby either.

Modern Mensch Nosh Menorah

Modern Mensch


Nosh Menorah

A fitting homage to the carb we love most, this bagel-inspired menorah is truly spectacular. Fold it into your decor with or without candles to let its beauty shine every day of the year!