Let's hear it for the man who plays "Dad" opposite your "Mom." He rubbed your swollen pregnant feet (well, he better have), put together your complicated stroller, and told you that you looked absolutely beautiful even when you were stuffing your face with french fries and hysterically crying during a particularly bad rage of your pregnancy hormones.

He's probably your best friend. And if he isn't now, he will be after he receives any one of these thoughtful and amazing gifts this holiday season.

The best gift for dad is obviously subjective, so we've gathered up our greatest finds for all kinds–the dad in need of a wardrobe upgrade, the tech-obsessed, the resident grill master, you name it.



Blanket Shirt

Grey sweatpants may get all the credit for being the go-to for cozy menswear during the winter months, but this grey blanket shirt? Just as sexy! (It also comes in 35 different colors and patterns if grey isn’t your man’s thing.)



Restore Alarm Clock & Sound Machine

This gift perfect for dads who have young kids because it’s like having a personal care assistant that you plug in. Do you need an alarm? This clock has you covered. Soothing sounds? Wind-down time? Meditative lighting? A gentle “sunrise alarm” that won’t give you a heart attack in the morning? Well, here you go.

The best part is, you’ll both benefit from this gadget gift!



Freerain24 Packable Backpack

The Freerain24 is a waterproof, ultralight backpack designed for convenient transport through all sorts of conditions. The completely waterproof main compartment holds 24 liters of gear, while the adjustable sternum strap helps distribute the load. So yes, there is room for diapers and wipes and all the trail mix you can carry on any outdoor family adventure.



Bondaroo Skin-To-Skin Bonding T-Shirt

As we all know, there is no such thing as too much skin-to-skin contact during your baby’s early days. The Bondaroo features a flap allowing the user to easily and conveniently engage in skin to skin bonding with their newborn. While dad can’t carry his baby inside the shirt, it’s designed to facilitate active bonding—and who wouldn’t want some more of that?



Men's Heattech Warm-Lined Pants

These pants are basically magic and also a winter must-have. They’re bio-warming and insulating, water-repellant, and easy to move around in. They look sleek and even though they’re fleece-lined, they’re far from bulky.



Firepit Cooking Kit

Outdoor fire pits are the best part about cold weather, right? Well, now you can upgrade the entire fire pit experience by firing up some delicious outdoor meals. You can grill, sauté, or simply warm up your favorite foods. It’s the perfect kit for an outdoor dad gathering!





Consider lost wallets, keys or even bikes a thing of the past. Apple’s latest release, the AirTag, helps keep track of all the important things. One-tap set up pairs them with his iPhone or iPad so he can track their whereabouts no matter where they wander off to.



Bistro Apron

This is perfect for the chef in your life. It’s a classic cook’s apron that covers enough clothing to keep it from getting stained, plus it has deep enough pockets that can hold a dishtowel or a phone. If Dad wants to whip up some Sunday morning pancakes, this is the way to do it.

oura ring


Oura Ring Generation 3

The innovative and hyper-informative Ōura ring isn’t just for health-minded tech nerds. As one of the most accurate wearables currently on the market, it’s ideal for any dad who wants to better understand their body and patterns to optimize everything from sleep to workouts. With 24/7 heart rate monitoring and seven temperature sensors, this durable little ring provides a mind-blowing amount of data that’s served up in their app via three daily scores–sleep, activity and readiness. Armed with that info he can take actionable steps to stay active and improve his overall health. It’s also got a leg up on the competition as it’s super comfortable to wear 24/7 and the charge lasts up to a full week.

Isner Mile


Beard Grooming Kit

Because men need skincare, too (whether they want to admit it or not). This beard grooming kit has everything his face could possibly need to look, feel, and smell great.

man in black vest

Buck Mason


Cascade Down Expedition Vest

Buck Mason’s timeless looks are always on point, so IMHO you can’t go wrong with anything. (And trust me, I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time shopping on their site because well, look at their models. Come ON.) I’ve picked out a few things for my guy but my current favorite is the Cascade Down Expedition Vest which is not only super warm thanks to a genuine down fill, but goes with practically everything in his closet.

retrospec olive snow shoes



Drifter Snow Shoes

Maybe he’s an action sports guy that needs a little less action now and then. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to beat the winter doldrums in the great outdoors without testing the limits of your health insurance. Either way, a pair of snow shoes makes an awesome gift. This pair from Retrospec are easy to take on and off and perfect for beginners. (Don’t forget the poles!)



16 oz. Insulated Cofee Mug

Much like moms, dads also know the power of a hot cup of coffee (and what it’s like to have to re-heat said coffee multiple times per day, every day). This awesome insulated mug keeps your favorite hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Drink your beverage at home with the kids, or on-the-go. It’s also 100% leak-proof, which is a mug-must.



Men's RSO1 Sneaker

If you’ve already established your own Rothy’s addiction, why not show him what all the hype is about? Made from their signature washable and recycled water bottle fabric, this classic style goes with everything.




Tundra Haul Cooler

Before becoming dads, did dads like coolers? We’ll never really know. But this we do know: Dads don’t just like coolers, they love them. And the Tundra Haul is the best you can buy him (and yes, it’s worth the steep price tag!). Yeti is the granddaddy of luxe coolers and this latest version has two ultra-tough, puncture-proof wheels that can take on sand, rocky terrains, rugged trails, and more—all while keeping up to 45 cans of beer or 55 pounds of ice at freezer-esque temps.

big blanket co red plaid blanket

Big Blanket Co.


Original Stretch Blanket

As a 5′ 2″ woman, I have to admit I never really thought about the throw blanket struggles tall people suffer from. However, I do take snuggling VERY seriously, so when I learned about Big Blanket Co. they had all of my attention. At 10 x 10 their best-selling signature blankets are 50% bigger than a king size quilt–a must-have for movie night but double as the ultimate fort builder. (Because you’re never too old for that.)




Meater Plus

Sure, he might pride himself on his grill prowess and instinct for taking that ribeye off at just the right time, but it’s 2021. There’s an app for that. MEATER, the cleverly named Bluetooth-enabled wireless meat thermometer is the upgrade he never knew he needed. The dual sensor probe monitors both internal and external temperatures to take the guesswork out of cooking allllll the meat, indoors and out.



Moloa Slipper

Even if he doesn’t think he’s a slipper guy, Olukai is bound to convince him otherwise. Designed with their signature fold-down heel, these leather indoor/outdoor slip ons are lined with sheepskin to keep his feet warm and toasty without getting sweaty. Apologies in advance if he starts wearing them out of the house.


The Dad Hoodie


The Dad Hoodie

Not convinced on the diaper bag front? That’s fine. Try the Dad Hoodie instead. It’s like what MacGyver would wear if he had to hotwire a car with a paperclip while also carting a tot around. Interior mesh pockets provide a place for everything without adding bulk or necessitating a bag that slows him down.


Rad Power Bikes


RadWagon 4

From hauling kids to groceries, Rad Power Bikes cargo bikes make a great case for ditching that second car. Strong, versatile and super customizable, the RadWagon 4 can go up to 45+ miles per charge, tackling hills and bumps like a total champ. And with add ons like child seats, heavy-duty panniers and deck pads, everyone and everything can ride with ease.



Winter Watts

You’d never let your kiddos hop on their bike or snowboard without their helmet—and dad shouldn’t either. The visor-style Winter Watts helmet from Bern is a top choice for its stylish profile, impressive MIPS tech and all-season wearability when paired with Bern’s summer liner.




Indie Quick Link

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that neck gaitors are a truly undervalued accessory. The lightweight wool gaiters from the base-layer experts at Ibex is ideal for keeping necks warm or free of sun and perfect for keeping your face covered on busy or blustery trails.

weatherman umbrella



Windproof Golf Umbrella

From the golf course to the elementary school soccer field, a tough umbrella can be a total lifesaver. The ones that turn inside out with a strong gust? Not so much. This bad boy is designed to withstand 55 mph winds and is guaranteed to make Al Roker jealous.



Deck Driver

Preppy with a dash of personality, the leather driving loafers from Riomar are a dad wardrobe staple. Not only do they instantly class up any ‘fit he throws together, but the colorful bearings are totally swappable. They offer a wide collection of colors, collegiate options and even custom monograms to create a look that’s one-of-a-kind–just like him.