That’s it. This year has completely broken my resolve, and instead of doing what I do every year for my Grinchy Christmas-hating husband—which is buy him nothing but stocking stuffers— I’ve decided to do the complete opposite and go all in on a big present this year because it has been the hardest year in all of existence and I’m determined that this holiday season is going to bring us joy and laughter. Money doesn’t buy you happiness? Ho ho, I beg to differ, my friend. (And yes, I’m going to acknowledge the extreme privilege I have in being able to make this choice. In some holidays past, we’ve not been in the financial position to swing a big purchase like this, but we’re able to this year and I’m going to lean into that hard.)
We’ve been talking about upgrading our queen-sized mattress (the same one that used to be in my first apartment right after college) for years, and so this is what I’m buying him: A king-sized mattress! Not sexy, you say? Ahem, I beg to differ. Just imagine all the things that can happen on a king-sized mattress. Not fun, you say? Well, when you’re pushing 40 and living through a pandemic, sleep actually counts as fun, so I’m going to challenge you on that one, too. Not really a gift for him, you say? Well, yes, I’m going to benefit from this, too, but my husband l-o-v-e-s sleep. And since I can’t give him the magical time of extra hours for sleep, this is going to be a close second best.

Here’s the one I’m buying:

Spoon Sleep mattress

best holiday gift for husband 0 There are so many mattress companies to choose from out there, but I was intrigued by Spoon Sleep because they have this special ‘pillar technology’ that is strategically placed throughout the mattress to ease pressure points and support you as you sleep. My husband and I are both side sleepers and the old foam mattress we’ve been sleeping on has totally lost all its support, causing us to sometimes wake up with neck or back pain. I also love that it has a cool touch cover on its outermost top layer. My husband (and 4-year-old when he climbs into bed with us) both run super hot—they seriously wake up looking like they just ran through a rainstorm. So I’m hoping this will keep them feeling comfortable. Last but not least, this mattress has a combination of different kinds of foam: gel memory foam and hypoallergenic rely foam. The gel memory foam fulfills my need for a softer, cushiony-feeling sleep experience, while the rely foam offers a structure and firmness that my husband prefers. Now the only thing left to do is sleep until 2021 comes. Wake me when we get there. ?