We know that decorating for Christmas early makes people happier. And we know that everyone needs a little more happiness right now because 2020 has been just a total dumpster fire of a year. That's why we love the cheeky, funny Christmas ornaments that are popping up now. Imagine you and your kids decorating the tree 10 years from now and pulling one of these out of the box!

Trim the tree with the most 2020 thing ever

This is the number one new release for the Christmas ornament section on Amazon and honestly, we are not surprised. Love how they made it look like a real Christmas ornament but kept the very 2020 vibe.

"The Year We Stayed Home"

ChristmasKeepsake Check out the Christmas Keepsake shop on Etsy for personalized (and masked) family ornaments to commemorate this crazy year.

"All Masked Up"

ornamentshop.com Most of us have dozens of cloth masks littering our cars, bags and laundry rooms at this point, but if you're looking for a cute resin version to hang on your tree, ornamentshop.com has the mask you need.

Toilet paper for Christmas

ornamentshop.com Speaking of Ornament Shop, they're also got plenty of toilet paper-themed ornaments , in case you're ever feeling nostalgic for early 2020.

A Christmas fit for the grinch

fairyseason.com Fairyseason.com has an ornament that is seriously Grinch-worthy. Move over Dr. Fauci, Dr. Seuss has something to say about 2020!