Valentine's Day is often focused on showing love to everyone around us—our friends, family, partners and children. While that's important, the holiday is also the perfect excuse to treat ourselves to some love and self-care. And, we're not just talking face masks and bath bombs (but those work, too, and we even included some of those in our self-care ideas below!).

So take some time to step away from work, cleaning, cooking, and all of the mental load on your to-do list. Nurture your body. Tend to your health—both mental and physical. Set big goals to achieve. Do something you really love to do. Because you deserve it.

Here are some easy self-care ideas to get you started:

1. Write out 10 things you love about yourself.

2. Schedule a night out with your best friends.

3. Create a space or corner in your home just for you and fill it with your favorite things.

4. Take yourself on a date and use that time to check in with how you're really feeling, away from the chaos.

5. Put on your favorite outfit just because.

6. Pencil in quiet time in your calendar each week or day—even 5 minutes. No exceptions.

7. Meditate on what makes you happy in this season.

8. Set boundaries for yourself this year.

9. Read that book you keep putting off.

10. Spend time connecting with someone you love, but don't necessarily get to talk to often.

11. Take a workout class you've always wanted to do.

12. Write down goals you want to accomplish this year—however crazy they may seem. Let yourself dream.

13. Put on your favorite playlist and have a dance party. Or a crying session. (Whichever works best for you in that moment.)

14. Sleep in. Like, really sleep in. Have your partner do something fun with the kids—away from you in your bed.

15. Purchase something that will make life simpler (new coffee machine that makes it automatically, a blender to make smoothies at home).

16. Cut two things from you weekly calendar and don't feel guilty about it.

17. Take time to intentionally fill your cup: Call someone you love, read your devotional uninterrupted, take time to enjoy that cup of coffee.

18. Take a day to detox from social media. Give yourself a break.

19. Purchase your favorite flowers and put them all over the house.

20. Practice minimalism in one room that you can't seem to feel calm in—if I don't use it or it doesn't benefit me, get rid of it. (Or do a full on decluttering burst! )

21. Take a nap.

22. Schedule a massage, facial, acupuncture appointment, or therapy session.

23. Delegate two things that you hate doing (hire a professional cleaner once a month, send off laundry).

24. Wear a face mask. The scarier-looking, the better. ?

25. Eat clean, and make sure you're drinking enough water for the day. Take time to nurture your body.

26. Indulge in your favorite chocolate and wine and really savor the taste. (Tip: Wait until after bedtime so you don't have to share the sweets!)

27. Do a social media cleanse. Unfollow those who don't inspire your or who bring you down.

28. Take time to forgive yourself for things in the past. Write yourself a letter to help let go of something you've been holding onto.

29. Read five articles that inspire you.

30. Take a long, hot bath.

31. Remind yourself 'I am enough' anytime you start to doubt yourself.

32. Take time to be with your partner—no phones, TV, or computers.

33. Write out all of your thoughts in a journal to get them out of your head and give yourself a fresh start.

34. Have a stretch session.

35. Be still for 10 minutes (or five, whatever feels right).

36. Compliment yourself just as you would your daughter .

37. Reignite a passion you used to have. A hobby or class.

38. Prioritize your daily to-do list. Are dishes worth your sanity each evening? Probably not.

39. Ask for help. From a friend, a therapist, or someone from your church.

40. Watch that terrible movie or TV show you secretly love...alone.

41. Purchase something for yourself.

42. Remind yourself that you're beautiful. Pick out a photo or quote you can hang up where you'll see it daily. ?

43. Plan a vacation for just you and your partner or best friend.

44. Have sex with your partner.

45. Frame artwork from your kids and put it somewhere you'll see it often.

46. Go to bed crazy early and recharge yourself.

47. Schedule those important appointments you've put off. Dentist, mammogram, gynecologist. Take care of your health.

48. Take a long walk in your favorite place and reflect on your year so far.

49. Get a blowout at a local salon.

50. Visit your favorite spot in the city you love in and just enjoy it.

51. Plan a 'do nothing' weekend to have some alone time or spend it with your partner, taking a break from the kids.