I live in the Northeast and when I woke up this morning, my house was freezing. It had been in the mid 40's overnight and we haven't turned the heat on yet. Suddenly, my normal duvet felt too thin. The socks on my bare feet too non-existent. Winter is coming, and I'd been drinking rosés still pretending it was summer.

I couldn't put it off any longer. It was time to do my annual tradition of winterizing my home—and I don't mean making sure my pipes and walls have enough insulation (though obviously that's important too). I mean the act of evaluating every room and wondering if it has enough hygge to it.

If you've never heard of hygge, it's a Danish word that means a quality of coziness or contentment. And what better time to make sure you have moments of hygge all throughout your house than right now? As far as I'm concerned it's the only way to get through these dark winter months (even more so during a pandemic.)

So I went room by room (yes, even my 4-year-old's room) and swapped in, layered or added in these 13 products to get us ready for winter:

Bedroom Updates

Sunday Citizen Comforter

1. Sunday Citizen woodland comforter

My co-worker wasn’t joking when she sent me this link and said, “This is legit PERFECT.” I wish I could be like my 4-year-old and drag this comforter with me all around the house. It’s soft, so warm and basically hygge in blanket form

flannel sheets

2. Threshold flannel sheets

All other sheet types are dead to me when the temperature drops. I’m all about flannel for its softness and coziness. But I like to think beyond plaid and dive into more sophisticated patterns. This is one of my recent favorites.

pathos plant

3. Marble Queen Pothos

My definition of hygge includes plants because there’s nothing I find more comforting than that pop of green on a gray, dreary day. This one is a favorite because I’m a #plantmom newb, and I need something lower maintenance.

white shag rug

4. Moroccan shag rug

We have wood floors in my home, so in the colder months I’m all about adding a rug (or three) throughout to snuggle around bare feet and be a soft landing spot for any on-the-floor play with my toddler. Love this one for its simple but sophisticated pattern, and the shagginess of it adds another extra level of hygge to my bedroom. (Psst.. this one’s on sale and is currently at a price that’s a steal for the size.)

tower humidifier
$Combo humidifier + essential oil diffuser

5. 80

I get so dry during the winter months so a humidifier is key, but I especially love this one because it lets me diffuse essential oils at the same time for some aromatherapy. My favorite thing to do is splash in a couple drops of lavender essential oil to help calm my mind at night before bed.

Kid's room updates:

throw blanket

1. Sunday Citizen Paws for Snugs toddler blanket

Remember that blanket I was telling you about that gets dragged all around our house? Yep, this is the one.

floral printed rug

2. Lorena Canals washable rug with a botanical print

I love this rug for two reasons: 1. It’s completely washable so I have no worries about putting it in my son’s room and 2. It brings the outdoors in while still giving my little guy a warm place to put his bare feet when he gets up on a chilly day.

flannel sheets

3. Eddie Bauer flannel sheets

I’m all about flannel for every bed in the house. And these bear-print ones are about as cozy as you can get.

olive floor cushion with poms

4. Lorena Canals olive floor cushion

During bedtime, we have this ritual where we snuggle up together, usually on the floor, and my son tells me one good thing and one hard thing that happened that day so we can process together before he falls asleep. During winter months, the wood floor is too hard and cold for this special time, so I like to add this sweet floor cushion to keep the tradition extra cozy.

Living room updates:

weighted blanket

1. Sunday Citizen crystal weighted blanket

I love a good throw on the couch for those chillier days, but why not up the hygge level with a weighted version? This one is actually filled with rose quartz and amethyst if you wondered how much I take my coziness seriously (answer: very).

black and white striped rug

2. SoHo striped rug

I love a lower pile rug for higher traffic areas, and this classic striped one is perfect under a neutral couch.

ZZ Plant

3. The Sill ZZ plant

If we want to talk Instagram-worthy, this one is always ready for its closeup. Like I mentioned earlier, I need easy plants and this one is drought-resistant and low-light tolerant. But it’s also beautifully architectural and adds a comforting freshness to your public space.


4. Tuscan sun candle

Because I’m basic and because there’s never not a reason to buy a candle, I had to make sure this one was on the list. It smells like apple and cognac and is perfect for lighting after the kid goes to bed and I just want to sit in some silence under my weighted blanket.