There are some things worth spending some extra money on, but for most of us, household products aren't one of them. Who wants to spend more than they have to on all-purpose cleaner or garbage bags? Target has proven time and time again that it just gets us, and the folks there definitely understand where mamas are coming from on this issue.

That's why the retailer just announced a new brand of low priced household products. It's called Smartly, and the brand will be hitting Target shelves starting October 14.

The Smartly line will include household supplies like hand soap, body lotions, razor blades, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Prices range from $0.59 to $11.99, but most items will cost less than $2.

One-stop shopping

So if you've been stopping at a dollar store or a discount chain on your way to Target to save money on essentials, you soon won't have to. You can save money on the things you need (so you can get some of the things you want) without making a bunch of stops and save money for your Target run during your Target run.

Bulk prices for individual items

The line may also be useful for minimalist mamas, those who just don't have the extra space (or time) to stock up at the big bulk stores, and those who don't drive to the store. According to Target, "Smartly offers the affordability of bulk shopping without buying in bulk." If you don't have extra space to store a ton of toilet paper, you can pick up four Smartly rolls for $0.99 at Target. This is great news if you transport your Target purchases via public transit or the basket on your stroller.

Cute packaging

The line has got a simple, modern look designed to look smart in your home as well as on Target's shelves. So if you're a mama who just doesn't have time to decant her hand soap into decor pump, Smartly's soaps will look good next to your sink.

Smartly will debut in stores and online on October 14, with new products rolling out in early 2019, and honestly, we can't wait.

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