Just as we were getting comfy rocking our Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, cruising through summer in neutral linens with a glass of pinot grigio in hand, a new trend has strut its way into the zeitgeist. It’s bolder, brighter and to be honest, a welcome mood-booster given the times we’re living in. (You know, days where we’ve traded covid headlines for monkey pox-because even public health crises have trends, apparently.)

Welcome to the age of Barbiecore, my friends!

What is Barbiecore? Well, it’s exactly what you’re imagining. Like the Dreamhouse dwelling love-it-or-hate-it doll, it’s an aesthetic that’s all pink, all the time. From monochromatic outfits to holographic bubblegum-colored accessories there’s endless ways to get on board. And while it’s named for the Mattel icon and aligns perfectly with the upcoming (dare we say blockbuster hit) Barbie movie, the cheery hue has been on an upward trajectory since early spring.

Inspired by the 2022 Valentino Fall runway show, which called out pink as “the color of love, community, energy and freedom,” the eye-catching shade has been spotted on celebrities left and right, from Lizzo to Anne Hathaway.

As a Senior Millennial whose only childhood dream was to have a bedroom with hot pink walls, I’ve personally been waiting for this moment since about 1987. And I’ve not wasted a single second getting fully Barbie’d up. I’ve not only purchased a matching hot pink workout set for pilates–I’ve also been rocking a french mani with tips that can only be described as “electric strawberry.”

Earlier this year, I embraced colorful clothing in a big way and while it’s easy to write Barbiecore off as a silly, flash-in-the pan trend, I want to give it more credit than that. Love, community, energy and freedom is something we can all use a little more of right now. And since there’s also research that suggests color has the power to affect your mood, behavior and even stress levels, there may be more power in donning some pink than you think.

Ready to take the plunge? I’ve collected some of my favorite Barbiecore inspired clothes and accessories that are guaranteed to get you on board.

Best Barbiecore Baby Gear

Colugo The Baby Carrier



The Baby Carrier

It’s not just a baby carrier–it’s your most used fashion accessory! And it’s not just the hue we’re loving here. Colugo’s fabulously designed baby carrier is super breathable, easy to take on and off thanks to magnetic buckles and even features a removable pouch that doubles as a wristlet!

Cybex e-Priam Rose Gold Electronic Stroller with All Terrain Wheels



e-Priam Rose Gold Electronic Stroller with All Terrain Wheels

Between the bold hue, rose gold chrome detail and electric assist (perfect for pushing strollers in 4 inch heels), this stylish Cybex ride is Barbiecore to its core.

Evenflow Omni Plus Modular Travel System



Omni Plus Modular Travel System

A more affordable way to get the look is with the Omni Plus Modular Travel System from Evenflo. Designed to be used from day one, it’s everything you need to get your little one from here to there for the first few years.

Freshly Picked Classic Mini Diaper Backpack in Hot Pink

Freshly Picked


Classic Mini Diaper Backpack in Hot Pink

Just like purses, handbags are an easy way to jump on board the Barbiecore train. This classic style from Freshly Picked is just big enough for the essentials with a look that doesn’t scream “there’s diapers in here!”

Seraphine Pink 3 in 1 Maternity to Babywearing Hoodie



Pink 3 in 1 Maternity to Babywearing Hoodie

Even Barbie has some casual days! Bundle up your bump or your babe with this cozy 3 in 1 hoodie. The longer cut allows it to fit throughout your pregnancy and once your little one arrives, just zip in the clever kangaroo panel to wear it over your baby carrier or sling.

Gap Seamless Ribbed Leggings



Seamless Ribbed 7/8 Leggings

From pilates to pick up, is there a better ‘fit than matching leggings and a cute crop tank? We think not. (Also 7/8 length is the only way to go. They fit all leg lengths and an exposed ankle is super flattering!) This ribbed bubble gum set from Gap won’t break the bank but you’ll still look like a million bucks.

Alo Warrior Mat



Warrior Mat

Speaking of pilates, why not super-charge your practice with a bit of Babs inspired gear? The hot pink slip-free mats from Alo guarantee you’ll never pick up someone else’s mat when you leave in that post work-out haze.

Rothy's The Point



The Point

If your heels wearing days are on hold (or you’ve just embraced the flats lifestyle) you need a pair of Rothy’s in your closet. They’re comfortable, go with everything and are totally machine washable. It’s always hard to pick a color, but this season’s Dragon fruit hue feels befitting of a dreamhouse dwelling badass–dreamhouse ownership or not.

Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Pointed Toe Pump

Christian Louboutin


Hot Chick Pointed Toe Pump

Orrr, maybe those days aren’t over? Slip on these 4 inch Louboutin’s and step aside Khloe Kardashian. There’s a new boss in town. (Do it carefully though. I’m worried about your ankles.)

Smash + Tess Kimi Coveralls

Smash + Tess


Kimi Coveralls

Car mechanic but make it chic. Seriously, I can’t get enough of all the awesome romper styles from Smash + Tess. These one piece wonders make getting dressed totally fun and effortless whether you’re headed to work, cocktails or a back yard party. And while it’s easy to gravitate toward basic black, this collab with The Birds Papaya comes in a statement-making pink that guarantees you’ll be stopped for compliments every time you rock it. (I speak from experience!)

wayfwayf Rae Cutout Midi Dress



Rae Cutout Midi Dress

Summer isn’t over yet! Flaunt your finger-on-the-pulse style with this adorbs cut out dress in the season’s hottest hue.

Bando getaway travel wallet



Getaway Travel Wallet

For those nights you get to ditch the diaper bag and head out on the town, this wallet-turned-clutch is all you need. Well, this and an extra cup of coffee if you want to make it past 8:30.

Barbiecore Make-Up

Olive and June Hot Strawberry

Olive and June


Hot Strawberry Nail Polish

The most accessible way to Barbiecore? Nails. This cheery hue from Olive + June has Malibu written all over it.

westman atelier baby cheeks lip and cheek cream blush stick

Westman Atelier


Baby Cheeks Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick in Poppet

For a fab flush that looks natural-but-better, I’m completely devoted to the luxe Westman Atilier cream blush stick in Poppet. It blends perfectly and can even double as lip color.

NARS Lipstick



Matte Lipstick in Schiap

The best-selling matte lipstick from Nars in schiap gives a slay-worthy look that can be layered to the level of intensity you prefer.

Winky Lux Confetti pH Lip Balm

Winky Lux


Confetti pH Lip Balm

Prefer a pared down look? The super cool Confetti pH Lip Balm from Winky Lux works with your lips’ natural pH-levels and magically takes on the perfect shade for your pout. It’s my favorite impulse purchase of the summer and I’m thisclose to buying a back up for my car when the weather cools.