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Despite the fact that our priorities shift when entering motherhood, we are first and foremost individual women. So whether it's showing up at the office, running our own business, interviewing for preschools or hanging with your fellow mamas at the park, it's vital to pay attention to the fact that outside of being "mommy" we are our own people with our own personal style.

That said, personal style can lose momentum when juggling this new normal, but self-care is crucial when it comes to retaining a strong sense of self. I drive this message home with my mama clients because entering a day strong and empowered will positively affect everything that follows, including our roles as mothers.

I completely understand the challenges of keeping it together in the early hours of the day when you have one eye open, one eye on the kiddo, and one eye on the day ahead. I have my own 2-year old toddler tugging at my legs saying, "Hold you, hold you, hold you" (="hold me") while trying to get myself presentable. It's extremely challenging, but not impossible!

Here are a few strategic styling tips to make what could be a grueling process a successful one:

1. Simplify: The idea of returning to pre-baby style seems far away and that's because it is. Life has evolved and you need to embrace that. While taking risks before baby arrived felt very doable, things are more complicated now. Time is of the essence and simplifying is key.

Without compromising your creative vision, try and peel it back and find a uniform that works. Have conviction in your groove, become empowered by that and streamline daily dressing. Vision boards are super helpful to establish your new lane.

2. Create a capsule: Once you find your “new normal" simplified look, organize your closet in a way that hones in on that capsule, which should be mix + match-friendly with pieces that flex from work to play and everything in-between.

3. Plan ahead: Once baby (and/or babies) are asleep, and after bottles are washed, dishes are clean and your belly is full, more work is probably the last thing you want to do. But styling your look the night before is the most essential tool to minimize stress in the morning hours.

If this daily task seems overwhelming, put aside 30 minutes every Sunday night to organize an entire week's worth of outfits so you only have to think about it once a week.

4. Find your color story: Whether it's neutrals, pinks, all-black, blues, etc., choosing a wardrobe in the same color story/palette will make pieces flexible and coordinated, thus making it easier to get dressed.

5. Eliminate the clutter: Maybe you're holding onto old clothes from a different phase of your life, or that one dress you wore in 2010 to that epic NYE party (that you haven't worn since). Either way, none of these pieces are currently working in the rotation and create noise in your closet while getting dressed. Pull the unworkable clutter together and move it to the back (less focal part) of your closet to be revisited at a later date. If none of those items make it front and center in the next 6 months, they need some serious reevaluating.

6. Undergarments: Each item/silhouette in your wardrobe will require a different undergarment, be it thongs, nude bras, strapless bras, nursing bras, etc. Don't get tripped up each day trying to figure out what goes with what. Stock up on all your intimate staples to ensure you are prepared with the right styles to work to each outfit.

This article originally appeared on Your Soul Style, where Jenny offers advice, styling tips, and trends.

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