What feels better than taking off an uncomfortable bra at the end of the day? How about not wearing an uncomfortable bra to begin with?

It may have taken a global pandemic, but it seems we’ve finally realized that we don’t have to settle for bras that poke, squeeze, dig and jab. And after fully embracing all things athleisure, it’s hard to consider wearing anything that’s not cozy and hug-like. Unfortunately, “regular life” means that you might occasionally have to ditch the leggings. But one thing you can wear every single day? A comfortable bra.

How do you choose a comfortable bra?

Arguably the most complicated garment in one’s wardrobe, bra preference is deeply personal. No two breasts are alike (not even the pair you’ve got, most likely), and styles that one person swears by might not work at all for another.

For me, comfort isn’t just the absence of itchy tags, tight straps and structure. Personally, the only time I’m sans bra is when I’m literally horizontal. A comfortable bra in my world is one that offers shape and support while allowing me to completely forget I’m wearing it. That said, I’ve asked Team Motherly and consulted all across the internet to find the most comfortable bras on the market. From bras to bralettes, wirefree to underwire, I’ve rounded up cozy boob-supporting options for a wide range of style preferences and sizes that you won’t want to fling off at the end of the day. Each option provides lift and support without the dreaded uniboob because no one ever asked for that. We just lived with it. No more!

Shop the most comfortable bras below. Your boobs will thank you!

Our favorite comfortable bras

Knickey Keyhole Bralette, our most comfortable organic cotton bra

Best organic cotton bra


Knickey The Keyhole Bralette

From the moment I discovered Knickey and their earth-friendly basic intimates, I was in love. Everything is ethically made from a seriously high-quality organic cotton with an attention to detail that makes me want to overhaul my entire underwear drawer. (Seriously, the low rise bikini is *chef’s kiss*.) They have a few bra styles to choose from but I have to give props to the Keyhole Bralette specifically. The all cotton construction is super supportive without being constricting while the wider straps and four row of hook and eye clasps make it a great option for larger busts as well. The wide band never rolls or digs and the keyhole detail adds a bit of fun to an otherwise ordinary design.

Available in size XXS-XXXL

Skims Fits Everybody Scoop Neck Bra

Most deserving of the hype


Skims Fits Everybody Scoop Neck Bra

With drops that sell out in seconds and waitlists longer than the Nugget, I wasn’t particularly in a rush to try out Kim Kardashian’s line of intimates. How great can they be? Turns out, PRETTY FANTASTIC. In fact, the second I slipped this bra (and matching thong) on, I texted a friend who had already sung their praises. “Why didn’t I buy this months ago ???” I asked. “Told you so,” was her very valid response. For starters, the fabric is awesome. It’s kind of like tights but thicker. It’s stretchy and smooth and somehow manages to keep shape without any hardware whatsoever. The pull on style is so comfortable you can totally forget you’re wearing it. The brand regularly releases seasonal colors which can sell out pretty fast, but I’ve never had a problem snagging what I want from the core colors. (And while I’m on the topic, the aforementioned thong has quickly become the only thongs I’ll wear. They’re an 11/10, will eventually purchase in every color staple.)

Available in size XXS-4X


Lively The Sleek Crossback Bralette

Best crossback style


Lively The Sleek Crossback Bralette

Almost as annoying as straps that dig? Straps that slip. We recently discovered this style from Lively and out of the gate, it’s a total keeper. The fabric is super soft and designed to feel snug at first but stretch to the perfect fit over time. What we really love though is the inclusion of removable pads. Personally I’m a fan for nip modesty, but I also appreciate options. They also offer a bit of insurance against the dreaded uniboob that might otherwise manifest.

Available in size XS-L

Nuudii Tee System

Most comfortable "Not a Bra" bra


Nuudii Tee System

I admit that when I first opened my Nuudii I was skeptical. I mean, how can something that’s folded into a mesh pocket the size of a credit card do much to support my average-sized but very much nursed-into-oblivion almost forty-year-old boobs? Well, call it a miracle or just an incredible feat of comfy engineering but I tell you, once you go Nuudii, you’re never going back. While the brand hesitates to call itself a ‘bra” (preferring instead to call it “a revolution for your breasts”) it is, for all intents and purposes bra- like . The innovative design is made from a material that feels like nylons, is completely free of any hardware whatsoever and get this—can be worn in TWELVE different configurations by rearranging the straps. The resulting look is somewhere between wearing a bra and not, embracing your natural boob shape but still offering support. As someone who basically refuses to be upright without a bra on and only recently embraced wireless styles (thanks, four years of nursing babies!) I really didn’t expect to feel comfortable leaving the house in something so flimsy. Turns out I want two of every color to wear on repeat for the rest of my life.

Available in sizes XS-LL with brand-specific sizing you can check out here.

Natori Feathers Bra Basics the most comfortable plunge bra

Most comfortable plunge bra


Natori Feathers Bra Basics

The intersection of pretty and functional, Natori has come highly recommended for decades—which makes it hard to choose a favorite. But if we had to, it’s got to be the best-selling Feathers Bra Basics. The wire-free, lace-trimmed plunge style works for small and larger chests, offering a nice lift without spillage. We also love that it doesn’t mean having to choose between looking sexy and being comfortable.

Available in band sizes 30-38 and cup sizes A-DDD

Cuup The Scoop Bra

Most comfortable underwire bra:


Cuup Scoop Bra

If you’ve spent more than two minutes on Instagram this year, you’ve definitely stumbled on Cuup–the direct-to-consumer lingerie brand that’s on a mission to “redefine the way women look and feel in their underwear.” Yes please.

Their well-curated line is marked with sexy but simple silhouettes and muted color pallets that are date-night-ready but everyday wearable. Especially the Scoop Bra. It’s made from the softest material in the collection and even though it does have underwire, you totally forget that you’re even wearing it. I mean they call it “yoga pants for your boobs.” SOLD.

Available in band sizes 30-38 and cup sizes A-H

Proof Stay Dry Comfort Bra best bra for boob sweat

Best bra for boob sweat


Proof Stay Dry Comfort Bra

It’s not the sexiest thing, but listen: Even Beyonce gets boob sweat. No shame in this game, my friends! Especially not when you’re wearing the Proof Stay Dry Comfort Bra. Designed to wick moisture while keeping up with your every move, the Stay Dry Comfort Bra is made from a smooth and soft nylon spandex and lined with an antimicrobial fabric to prevent odor. The seamless construction lays nice and flat and removable pads offer just the right amount of structure. Whether you’re working it in six inch heels or you know, just hitting the playground, this is one bra you’ll reach for day after day.

Available in sizes XS-XL

Bali Comfort Revolution Bra best everyday bra

Best everyday bra


Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Bra

With over 45K ratings on Amazon, the Bali Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra, is a bit of a revolution. The wirefree design does an impressive job of offering shape and support—so much so that one Motherly editor has four of these lovelies in her collection. They’re fitted with a standard hook and eye closure and the wider straps are adjustable to get the perfect fit. Super thin foam cups provide just enough coverage without being too thick and the plunge is awesome for v-necks!

Available in band sizes 34-42 and cup sizes B-DDD

PDP Bliss Clove 1132 Bliss Steel 1024x1024

Softest bra


Harper Wilde The Bliss

Buttery soft and so good you’ll never want to take it off, Harper Wilde The Bliss Bra is aptly named. A proprietary band design coupled with supportive microfiber manages to lift you up without wires or padding and stays comfy around the clock. Its smooth fabric works perfectly under T-shirts!

Spanx Breast of Both Worlds

Best multitasking bra


Spanx Breast of Both Worlds Bra

Spanx’s Breast of Both Worlds bra checks all the boxes and then some. Comfortable? Of course. Supportive? Absolutely. Reversible? THAT TOO. The two-for-one style is free of hooks, wires and seams so you can wear it around the clock if you want to. Functional design offers your boobs a defined shape that’s not at all tube-like. Hallelujah! It also features removable pads for an extra layer of coverage and sizes XL-3X benefit from added stabilizer support to keep bounce at a minimum.

Available in sizes XS-3X

Best Bra to Fight Side Boob: Knix WingWoman Contour Bra

Best bra to fight side boob


Knix WingWoman Contour Bra

If you’re looking for something that wears like a regular bra with lift and separation but don’t want any of the fussiness, the Knix Wingwoman Contour Bra has your back (well, your boobs, more accurately.) Molded foam cups give definition but not bulk and extra side coverage saves you from sideboob and spillage. Knix’s signature fabric makes it silky soft with just the right amount of stretch.

Available in sizes 1-8+ which fits standard sizes 32A-42G

True & Co. True Everybody Adjustable Strap Triangle Bra

Target's most comfortable bra


True & Co. True Everybody Adjustable Strap Triangle Bra

It’s hard to go wrong with Target’s True & Co. line, but with a 4.6 star rating the Adjustable Strap Triangle Bra is top of the heap. The deep v works with a wide range of necklines and the pullover style is free of seams and hooks for a smooth finish that feels great against your skin. The lightly lined cups are removable and give you just enough nip modesty to walk into serious air conditioning without giving it a second thought. 😉

Warners Womens Bulge Free Bra

Amazon's top bra


Warner's Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra

One of Amazon’s top-ranking everyday bras, Warner’s award-winning Easy Does It Wirefree Bra gets tons of love for getting support and comfort just right. A higher cut under the arm coupled with a smoothing design flatters those extra bits that too often get smushed around by ill-fitting bras while soft cups give breasts shape and definition.

Available in sizes XS-3XL

Hanes Get Cozy Pullover ComfortFlex Bra

Best budget-friendly lounge bra


Hanes Get Cozy Pullover Wirefree Bra

A pandemic upside? Discovering this cozy number. Motherly Collective Director Shannon Vestal Robson says these are her fave for sleeping and spending allll the time at home. “There are no pads, straps to adjust or clasps—they are just stretchy and comfy and awesome.” And at less than $10 bucks a pop, you kind of can’t afford NOT to grab one.

Soma Enbliss Bralette

Best 24/7 bra


Soma Enbliss Wireless Bralette

Soft, seamless and surprisingly supportive, Soma’s Enbliss Wireless Bralette might convince you to never buy another bra ever. The wide straps mean no digging or discomfort and since it’s silky feeling and free of hardware you can totally sleep in it if you wanted to. And good news! It comes in over a dozen colors so you can put plenty of variety into your rotation.

Available in sizes S-XXXL

Third Love 247 Classic Strapless Bra

Most comfortable strapless bra


Third Love 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra

By nature, strapless bras aren’t exactly comfortable. Left to work against gravity all alone, a strap around your midsection can be squeezey at best, or at worst, completely useless, escaping to your waist the minute you move around. One that does exactly what it’s supposed to without the digging? Third Love’s 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra. The cups are high enough to control spillage but not too high to wear with lower cut pieces. But the real reason it’s a home run? Half cup sizes!

Available in cups A–I, including half-cups, and bands 32–48

A version of this story was published September 13, 2021. It has been updated.