*We’ve partnered with phil&ted’s to show how the right gear can simplify urban parenting.

There’s an ongoing tug of war for most urban parents: should I stay in the city or move to the suburbs? And while we know the temptation of that big house, green lawn and minivan life is real, we also know that the big city is a great place to raise your kids. There are endless playgrounds, world-class museums and interesting people abound, and so many things to explore and discover when you’ve got kids in tow.

Of course, urban life with little ones has its challenges. But it’s nothing that you can’t solve with some strategic baby gear. So we’ve partnered with phil&ted’s to show how one compact & complete bundle of baby gear can help you get through your entire parenting day in the city. We recently met up with one of our fave city mamas, Porsha Ellis of Raising Wisdom, and her daughters, Steele & Sage, to show you how.

Get a glimpse of one family’s parenting day with phil&ted’s, and find out 10 reasons we think it’s pretty rad to raise your kids in the city.

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1. Everything is just a stroll away. When you’re a city parent, your “set of wheels” isn’t a car, it’s a stroller. And it goes with you everywhere. So make it one that’s easy to push, looks good, and has plenty of storage! phil&ted’s mod™ stroller is one of our faves, with 4 seat positions that will take you from newborn through toddler without ever having to switch out the seat.

2. You never know who you’re going to meet. Cities are filled with interesting people, and since you’re not stuck in a car all day, your kids (and you!) get to talk to all of them. Join a mom group, sign yourself up for a kids’ class or just stroll the neighborhood and stop into any shop. There’s no better way to build your parenting community.

3. You don’t need to spend all your savings on baby gear. In fact, you can’t…because there’s no room! Apartment living means thinking strategically about what to buy for baby. phil&ted’s parenting day bundle lets you reduce your baby gear footprint down to the only stuff you truly need: a great city stroller, a super-safe car seat, a cool portable high chair, a trusty baby carrier and the lightest travel crib on the market.

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4. You can eat gourmet food anywhere, anytime. There’s no shortage of great meals in the city, from top rated restaurants to secret holes in the wall. Exposing your kids to a wide array of cuisine is good for them nutritionally, and eating out with others helps them develop good manners. And there’s no better destination than your fave late-night pizza parlor when your baby can’t sleep. Bring your phil&ted’s lobster™ portable high chair and suddenly every food spot with some counter space is baby friendly.

5. You have a giant backyard….the entire city. What the city lacks in personal space it makes up for in public. There’s a different playground every few blocks, filled with new structures to climb, new swings to ride and new sprinklers to run through. Public transportation makes it easy to get anywhere, and if you (ahem, we mean your baby) end up in major meltdown mode, you can just throw your phil&ted’s alpha™ car seat (which fits on your mod stroller) in a taxi or Lyft and be home in a jiffy.

image 4860 image 4861 6. There’s stimulation everywhere. Sure, when you live in the city, there’s an endless calendar of events to hit or attractions to take in. But sometimes, it’s fun to spend the day doing basic everyday things like hopping on the subway or city bus, or hitting the farmer’s market. Even the most mundane errands can be thrilling for your baby. Be mindful not to overdo it, though, and build in downtime for your little ones every now and then. The mod stroller bassinet’s the perfect spot for a quick nap (mom trick: flip the bassinet around so your little one can be closer to you!) or tuck her into her baby carrier for a little respite.

7. You can really sport your style. When it comes to fashion, the city streets are your runway, and literally anything goes! Now that you’re a mom, you get to accessorize with your baby gear (it’s not just for baby!), and maybe take some fashion risks while you’re at it. Treat yourself to that chic stroller with the cool, wild print, or opt for a brightly colored baby carrier. Don’t be surprised if you catch your reflection in a store window, and think: who is that fashion goddess mama?

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8. There’s more nature in the city than you think. These days, cities are much more than urban jungles. Once you get off the concrete path, we bet you can find plenty of grass, sand, trees and animals to expose your little one to. Stash the stroller for the day and explore all the green space in your city with phil&ted’s parade™ backpack baby carrier, which is not only comfortable for mom or dad, but also makes your baby or toddler feel safe and secure no matter where you end up.

9. The suburbs are just a car/train/plane ride away. We admit that even we sometimes need a break from the big city. And we miss our friends that moved to the suburbs! A weekend getaway to the suburbs can be an awesome adventure, and with a super light and compact travel crib like phil&ted’s traveller™, it’s easy to stay the night. It’s also a great spot to place baby when Grandma’s house isn’t totally baby proofed, and has zip-down breathable mesh sides for a quick change.

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10. Because the city makes you happy. Life with kids is about compromise, and we’re the first to tell you to do whatever is best for your child. But there’s so many ways to do “what’s best,” and some of them can actually involve taking your own happiness into account. If raising your kids in the city helps you smile more, laugh more and feel more personally fulfilled, your child will most likely sense your contendeness and thrive. A happy parent is a better parent, no matter where that parent chooses to raise their kids.

adapt&survive your parenting day with phil&ted’s parenting bundle. Buy it here or head into Albee Baby.

Photography by Belle Savransky of Belle Augusta.

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