*We've partnered with Pehr to help you manage your Mom mess in the prettiest way possible. When people tell me I'm a “basket mom," I take it as a compliment. If you ask me, the more storage baskets, bins and hampers you've got, the better you are at keeping your life with baby clean and organized. My addiction to storage bins goes way beyond keeping my kids' toys organized though. I've got a Pehr collection that's slowly expanded well beyond the playroom, and is now keeping things held (and hidden!) in the prettiest way possible all around my home. And you can too. In honor of Back to School, all storage will be 25% off Aug 25 – 27th (tip: sign up for their newsletter beforehand – it will be worth it!), we put our heads together and came up with 15 great uses for their beautiful, designer storage bins.

1. Get that diaper station in order. The varieties of small storage bins are perfect for organizing diapers, wipes, and butt creams in a pretty but super functional way. 2. Hide away the laundry. The hamper size is excellent for being exactly that--a hamper. Use them in the bedroom or bathroom to stash the dirty laundry. Or use them as your actual laundry baskets to motivate yourself to put the folded clothes away. 3. Make it a planter. Didn't think it was possible for your fiddle leaf to look any cuter? Think again! Dress up your potter in a subtly stylish basket. 4. Make a cozy basket with blankets or slippers. I love the idea of a fireplace basket with pretty blankets rolled up inside. And how about a basket of slippers for your guests? Speaking of... 5. Leave a basket by the door for discarded shoes. Entryways can be tight (or even non-existent in a lot of city apartments), but that doesn't mean they can't be pretty and sorted! A basket is also a great prompt to encourage guests to take off those dirty shoes before trekking dirt around your home.

6. Create a gift basket for a mama-to-be. Once you've had a baby, you know one of the best shower gifts can be all the little things people neglect to buy--nipple cream, Boogie wipes, and the like. Why not pull it all together in a pretty package? 7. Organize kid-friendly snacks and kitchen items. By toddler age, my girls wanted some independence in the kitchen. The soft baskets are great for healthy snacks at kid-level. Place it on a lower shelf with individually wrapped servings of dried fruits or nutritious crackers. 8. Going on a road trip? This is an especially good tactic before a lot of car travel. When it's time to go, take the basket of surprises right into the car with you. 9. Easy access to extra toilet paper. Leave your guests tearing through your bathroom cabinets no more. Simply hide the extra TP just an arm's length away. 10. Organize your closets! Who says storage is just for toys? Collect your socks, belts, and other items that tend to float in cute little matching basket sets.

11. Play a game of hide-and-seek. Without fail, my daughters will rush for the hamper when they're playing hide-and-seek. Make it a go-to spot with your bigger kids, or even spice up peek-a-boo with baby! 12. Put your baby's “baby" to sleep. A small basket used to store doll clothes also makes the perfect baby doll cradle when you're little one is playing Mommy or Daddy. 13. Try out different sorting games. Sort of like clean-up, but with a purpose. Set up baskets in a row and play with your child, sorting by type or color or size. 14. Everyone needs a catch-all--but portable is better. Better than a “junk drawer", collect misplaced items in a pretty basket. Then, when you have a few minutes on your hand, you can carry it with you while you put things away. 15. Use them at holidays, like an Easter basket or a makeshift Christmas stocking. With such delicate pastel tones, the small storage bins would make the most darling Easter baskets. Or collect Santa's larger gifts in a basket placed below a stocking! How would you use your storage bin? Get ready for back to school with 25% off all Pehr Storage from August 24th through August 27th. Sign up for Pehr's newsletter for an additional discount!