So much of motherhood is about giving to others. While I love pouring myself into my family, I've learned that I simply can't do it all—especially if I don't find ways to pour back into myself.

When we started sheltering at home as a family, I realized that so many of the self-care tactics and rituals I had made for myself over the years were suddenly out of reach. Without my usual escapes or breaks that allowed me to recharge, I had to get creative when it came to finding a little time for myself.

Fortunately, I found a new habit that gave me the brain break I so desperately needed. At least once a day, whether it's during naptime or right after my girls go to bed, I spend 30 minutes alone with my favorite show. For 30 minutes, it's up to me what I watch. It's up to me how loud the volume is. And no one asks me to get them a glass of water or a snack the minute the show starts.

HBO Original's Big Little Lies

And when it comes to choosing the perfect "me time" show? HBO Max is my partner in crime. Sometimes I crave something light, like a throwback Friends episode. (The ones where Rachel has her baby are recurring classics after a tough day of mom-ing.) Other times, I want a little intrigue and cue up an episode of HBO Original's Big Little Lies or The Undoing. I love their series because they give me an entertaining break in my day, allowing me to immerse myself in an evocative storyline, an unexpected thriller or a comedy I can watch again, and again. In either case, I get 30 minutes to an hour devoted exclusively to the self-care I need in this challenging season of life.

Just like screen time has become a necessary tool for occupying my children during the pandemic, I've realized it's just as important for my own mental health. So when I'm feeling stressed, I slip into something cozy, press pause on the stress of the day and recharge with a show just for me.

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