We recently found out we’re expecting twins. It was a shock, a total surprise, one that I’m still recovering from. We wanted more babies—me, probably just one more, my husband, as many as we could get—so even though I was excited about being pregnant I was completely caught off guard when I was told there were multiples growing in my belly.

I went through a rollercoaster of emotions that finally landed me where I am right now—excited to meet my two little ones. But before this excitement, this is what went through my brain:

  1. Everyone is so serious in this room, oh no, is it bad news?
  2. She’s still moving the wand around in there so maybe there’s a baby after all.
  3. Oh, here we go, she’s turning the screen towards me.
  4. Wait, what? WHAT?
  5. Did she say two sacs? She said two sacs!
  6. Why is my husband laughing? I wanna throw a shoe at him.
  7. Okay, breathe, breathe, maybe they got it wrong.
  8. Nope, those are clearly two sacs. We are having two babies.
  9. I wanna cry.
  10. I wanna laugh.
  11. How do you even survive with two newborns?
  12. Omg, can you imagine all the cute outfits we can make them wear?
  13. No, but wait, how do I carry two babies inside of me? That’s like, impossible.
  14. We’re gonna need a bigger car.
  15. We’re gonna need a bigger house!
  16. We’re gonna need SO MUCH MONEY!
  17. Maybe if we could afford a night nurse we could survive.
  18. Should we move closer to family? As in, all the way down to Argentina? We can’t do this without family. No one does this without family right?
  19. Three under three, we are insane.
  20. Our oldest is not going to be our baby anymore. I don’t know if I’m ready for that.
  22. How will we tell them apart?
  23. Why is my husband still smiling? Is he not worried about anything?
  24. Ok breathe, everything will be ok, you got this.
  26. Everything happens for a reason, I’ll find out why soon.
  28. Well, now my husband can get a vasectomy and we can be a family of five.
  29. I mean, if anyone can do it, it’s us, right?
  30. Two babies… my heart….
  31. Our son will probably be the best brother ever.
  32. Or will he not?
  33. How did we get so lucky?
  34. We’ve got this!

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