Is there anything anticipated as much as summer?

Every child (and child at heart) counts down to lazy days, ice cream and jumping in pools. Why not add a weekly farmers’ market trip in to the mix?

The summer market is the best place to expose children to the magic of seasonal fruits and veggies; the market is full of so many shapes and colors! So take this opportunity to talk to your children about how food is grown and the work involved. Teach them that food isn’t something that just magically appears on dinner plates, someone worked hard for many months to grow it. Buy a couple pints of cherries because in a few weeks they’ll be gone until next year. It’s a great lesson on gratitude and patience: just because we want something now doesn’t mean we get it. But it makes those cherries so much more sweet and special when we finally eat them.

Below are four of our favorite summer recipes that our kids love every summer. Grab the kids and head out to the farmers’ market; the best way to form good eating habits is to get out there and talk to those who grow our food.