Between an ever-shrinking wardrobe, swollen feet and general fatigue, you may not feel your best throughout pregnancy. Still, there is something undeniably beautiful about a blossoming baby bump — especially when you think about the precious child growing inside.

We suggest documenting the special time with maternity pictures.

Not only will you treasure them, but chances are good your little one will on day, too.

Whether you just have a tripod to shoot your own, a friend who volunteers to play photographer or a professional, Joy Walz of A Touch of Joy Lifestyle Photography in Colorado said there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get dreamy maternity pictures.

1. Start searching early for a pro

If you decide to invest in a photographer, Walz suggested starting your hunt midway through your second trimester. That way you can compare prices and styles before getting in touch with a few to get a feel for who is a good match. When discussing what you have in mind before making a final decision, Walz said, “Make sure to talk about things like what to wear, hair and makeup, if the photos will be done outdoors or indoors, whether it be in a studio or in your home.” You should book the shoot for when you are around 34 weeks pregnant. That way you have a good bump to show off, but aren’t as uncomfortable as you may be in the final weeks.

2. Be true to yourself

Walz said there are no hard rules for what to wear or where to shoot. “I love to capture pictures of people having fun and being themselves,” she said. She said some clients prefer more glamorous shoots while others feel more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. She said the most important thing is just picking something that will make you feel beautiful... But it does help to have something that “fits tight around the bump to show it off.” Again, plan in advance in case you want to order a special outfit.

3. Have fun with your photographer

Walz said she always gives clients a couple of hours per session not only so there is enough time for pictures, but also because she likes to “get to know each and every client, which helps them feel more at ease.” Playing model may not feel entirely natural, but try to laugh and enjoy yourself. It may help to put on your own music and to remember your partner is in the same boat as you. Because the photo shoots can take some time, Walz advised eating right beforehand or bringing a snack... Hangry isn’t the best look!

4. Have a vision for your shoot

Photographers can usually suggest locations and may even have their own props, but Walz recommended doing some homework ahead of time. “I like to tell me clients to make a vision board on Pinterest to give me an idea of what type of poses and ideas they want to incorporate into the session,” she said. Outside or inside, dressy or relaxed, formal or casual — do whatever will make you feel best!